12239 DRLG
11/18/2013   9348 N/U & TSTD BOPS 11/11/13; ANNULAR 1, 13 5/8", 5M, RAM: 3, 13 5/8", 10 M; DRLG
11/13/2013   3607 RAN 13 5/8" CSG TO 3590' W/ 4105 SXS CMT; DRLG
11/05/2013   1312 DROVE 5" DP TO 1312' ; SPUD 11/3/13
09/24/2013   01 19500 S 84 D 04' 33" W - 30,669.38' FROM NGS MONU. "OAKLAND" IN SEC 51. PBHL: N 59 D 00' 36" W - 589.1'; TH N 21 D 22' 30" E-6,568.49' FROM SURF LOC IN SEC 44.



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At what depth will the curve be started for this well?

At 12239' it must be close.

What rig is drilling this well?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope this is a gusher!!!


A good well here would likely encourage Sinopec to pump some real money into the TMS. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hey Bernell, is this about the right amount of time taken to drill the verticle part?  Once they make the curve the drilling is a lot quicker right?

As I understand it, the vertical should take about 25 days, so they seem to be on track and maybe a day or so ahead of schedule.

The lateral drilling is slower, but is also shorter.  Typical time in the past has been about 20 days for a 6'000'-6.500' drill.

The Huff well only took 12 days from curve to completion which was about a 8 day improvement over earlier drills, but they had issues with the hole some have attributed to this faster drill, so I'm not sure just how fast they plan to go on the lateral.

Nicely explained, speaking of the Huff well, any completion updates?

I haven't attempted to learn anything, yet.

I'm guessing they are just now going good, but don't have any info to know for sure.

If all goes well, should be finished by early next week....but when do these things all go well?

GDP has two conferences scheduled on December 11, maybe the timing will be such that they will have a production status update on Huff?  What do you think?


Any idea what rig is being used on this drill?

Bernell, the regional rig report to which I subscribe is the Ark-La-Tex area and does not include S LA.  Subscriptions are by region and my report covers Alabama, Mississippi, North Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and the eastern Texas RRC districts.

Ahhh, well, Thank you again for your other updates.

Bernell - The rig is the Ensign 723.


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