RAPIDES 01 245249 BROADWAY H 001 03-AUG-12 H215 028-02N-02E 9709 WILDCAT-NO LA MONROE DIST 19500

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Probably they were trying to bring down completion costs and it hasn't worked out. I expect them to abandon coil tubing rigs for milling plugs going forward. The depth they are working at may be the problem, as you say the coil tubing rig is apparently not robust enough for deep and long laterals. IMO

One of our geologists needs to look at the well log on well #199580, this well is in Section 6-T3N-R3W. The well went to 18,500 feet so the TMS will be logged. I don't think that this well was included in the LSU Basin Research paper. This well is probably around 20 miles West of Alexandria.

Can anyone tell me if Halcon drilled through the casing while drilling plugs or the casing collapsed or both?

If they drilled thorugh the casing a expandable scab liner could be an easy fix but you need a decent rig.

If the casing collasped, well they could be a deal breaker for a small company that needs to properly allocate funds.


What was the net thickness of the 3-5 ohms of TMS resistivity in that well.

Thanks John


Thanks. I do not need a copy of the log. Since you had it readily available and had reviewed it, it was easier for me to be "lazy" and just get the info from you. Saves me from downloading it from the LA DNR site and correlating reported formation tops to the electrical responses in that area.

Current thinking appears to be that productive commercial TMS needs to have a minimum of around a net 65' of 5 ohm or greater response.

Net Isopach thicknesses in the current hotspots of Amite and Wilkinson County are in the 100 to 150 foot plus range which one could infer is the reason the production in those areas has been so good (setting aside drilling and completion techniques) which we all know is also a very critical component necessary to bringing in a successful well.

Thanks again.

~ ~ John


Thanks for looking at the log Jay. I think a lot of the folks are basing their info on the Amelia web site, which has a dog in this hunt. I would think that the Halcon geologist was using this as one of the wells to determine their buy area. There is also another vertical to around 18,000 drilled about 20 miles South of Alexandria by CHK back in the 1990's that I would like you to comment on. I will find the serial number in the next few days.

Since I am not a scientist would you please state the depths that this 150 feet are located? I have an idea but would like an expert opinion.

Thanks for all your help over the last 5 years for being my go to geologist.


What was the year of the Transco Carter test and did it produce any oil. If so, how much.

Thanks John

Thanks for the info Jay.

~ ~ John


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