1st Wilkinson County TMS HZ Drilling Ahead

Ensign 776 - TD 20,600' MD

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Ensign 776 - is this the drilling rig name?


Scout report from Amelia is showing stuck @ 13,357'.


Any idea why?

Normal for rigs to get stuck?

Rigs get stuck quite often. Just like using a drill sometimes it gets stuck and sometimes you break a bit. Drilling shale requires more horsepower than drilling sandstone, lime or chalk.

Thanks for the insight.


If a bit is broke on a drilling rig, would they have to back all of the pipe out to replace it, then go back down?

Who knows what caused it. The hole could be falling in, or could be something as simple as the rig broke down for a few hours and they couldnt circulate or work the pipe.

This was the first TMS well drilled without casing set at the top of the curve.  They were trying to make it to 90 degrees with only surface casing set. The other wells set pipe at top of curve, then another string (liner) at the bottom of the curve. I was surprised to see them eliminate this string this early in the game. I figured they woulda drilled several wells before trying to find corners to cut.  

It all was caused because the mud weight was not high enough, this causing the hole to pack off, and that caused them to get stuck on a trip out to replace the rotary steerable tools.

Are you sure the MW was not sufficient? Maybe the water loss wasn't low enough causing shales to not be stable!

Russell, yes the MW was the problem. trust me, I know :)

O-K Bubba, I wasn't sitting on the rig.

Russell, Im not on the rig, but very close to the action so to speak, lol. All is going good know, They just finished TIH with a new bit and motor, Drilling ahead at 13,072' MD 12,373' TVD.

Update : 7 5/8" casing has been set and cemented at 13,134' MD, 12,914' TVD.


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