Not looking to buy or sell. Just have a Louisiana TMS mineral rights lease research problem that hopefully someone can help me solve.  Here is a specific example to show my problem:

I’m looking, for example, at an EnCana lease dated 5/20/2011 for several tracts of land located in West Feliciana Parish.  One of the tracts is for 200 acres and the legal description says that the land is situated in “Section 77 Township 1 South, Range 1 West”.  The problem is finding “Section 77”.  I’m familiar with the usual 36 sections per township and I am aware that sometimes there are exceptions but “Section 77”?  I have tried to find this section (and other high numbered sections) with Google Earth and EarthPoint with absolutely no luck. I also have some other programs but their interface with Louisiana is crappy.

Are these high numbered sections historical?  Is there some sort of translation program out there that will give me a “normal” section number?  Did Louisiana change to a different system and I missed the memo?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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If you Dont have a Tobin of that Parish, go to the GIS portion of the DNR website. It will reflect all of the STR's, even the irregular ones


There are irregular sections in this area. Get a USGS Topographic map and it will have all of the sections in that Township/Range listed. I don't know where you are but Baton Rouge Blueprint has the Topo maps available.

A point of concern: Each parcel or tract should be on a separate lease. Never lease multiple tracts on one lease.

Thanks Joe and Joe.  Very helpful. 

"A point of concern: Each parcel or tract should be on a separate lease. Never lease multiple tracts on one lease." I misspoke when I said "lease"  Actually the document is a "Memorandum of Lease" that covers 24 tracts and is just a "Notice" type document.  I'm sure there are separate leases.

A memorandum of lease would be filed for each lease.  I've never seen multiple leases evidenced by a single memorandum.

Well, attached is the memorandum for your perusal.



I would have thought that Mr. Leroy Harvey would not have leased that much land or that many tracts under one lease. That is surprising. I wonder how the rest of the lease addresses the multiple tracts.

Horizontal and vertical Pugh clauses. The lease I took on them was also a rental lease meaning  we had to pay them every year.

So any activity on any of the tracts would hold all of the property in all tracts subject to the Pugh clauses. That is a lease that is Lessee friendly.

They would only hold the acres in the unit for the primary term subject to yearly rental payments on the stuff outside of the unit. The leasee could hold all the acres or what they wanted to hold beyond the primary term of 5 years, outside the unit for an additional 2 years by paying rental payments but if I remember correctly it was contingent on part of the property being within a unit. 


As long as you have a good Pugh clause, shouldn't matter. The issues that most people care about us leasing multiple tracts of land on a single lease and no Pugh clause. One portion of one described tract is enough to hold them all.

Many Louisiana sections are "irregular" sections.  Then there are land grants and arpents.....but that's a long story.  What you need is a good map.  Try this one:

Skip OMG that's perfect! This is why this site is just about the best there is out there.  You guys know your xxxx and you are helpful.


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