Not looking to buy or sell. Just have a Louisiana TMS mineral rights lease research problem that hopefully someone can help me solve.  Here is a specific example to show my problem:

I’m looking, for example, at an EnCana lease dated 5/20/2011 for several tracts of land located in West Feliciana Parish.  One of the tracts is for 200 acres and the legal description says that the land is situated in “Section 77 Township 1 South, Range 1 West”.  The problem is finding “Section 77”.  I’m familiar with the usual 36 sections per township and I am aware that sometimes there are exceptions but “Section 77”?  I have tried to find this section (and other high numbered sections) with Google Earth and EarthPoint with absolutely no luck. I also have some other programs but their interface with Louisiana is crappy.

Are these high numbered sections historical?  Is there some sort of translation program out there that will give me a “normal” section number?  Did Louisiana change to a different system and I missed the memo?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Rough -

Yes, I looked at the DOT map.

Gmap4 displays the same section lines.  Here is a Gmap4 link that shows the USGS topo map and is zoomed in on the section 77 you asked about.  Note the red section lines.,-91.221006&a...

The brief instructions I posted explain how to use Gmap4 to (1) search by a parish/county name, (2) find the township range you want and (3) display the USGS topo map with the section numbers and section lines.


Great Link. Love the resolution. I'll mark this one.

OK got it this time.  I see the section numbers clearly now. Excellent.  thank you.

Indeed the more I play around with it the better I see the potential. Topo and sections ALL IN ONE, how great is that!!

Thanks for the kind words.

Here's another trick.  First click right on the scale symbol at the bottom of the map.  This will change it from metric to miles/feet.  Now zoom in a bunch on some spot you like.  Next, open the list of basemaps, go down to the "Overlay" part and click "USA_contour_lines".

This lets you see contour lines on top of the aerial.  But you have to be zoomed in so the scale says either 500 ft or 200 ft.

Joseph, the Gmap4 guy

Awesome, thanks for this link. It is now a icon on my computer (iphone).

On a mobile device you can do Menu ==> My Location and the map will center where you are.

Note that Gmap4 does not have any off-line ability.  Your mobile browser has to be online or Gmapo will not work.



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