TMS RA SUD;Denkmann 9-3H #1. Sectons 3 & 9 - 1S - 6E, Day Branch Field.

TMS RA SUC;Denkmann 9-16H #1, Sections 9 & 16 - 1S - 6E, Day Branch Field

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I have heard Paloma has invested too much money not to drill.  They have been getting all their paperwork in order with lease holders and making sure everything is correct because they are going to start forming units and start drilling later this year or early next year.  I guess any new action in the TMS is good.

Yes, any positive news is welcome.  If Paloma drills some good wells and can do so at a lower cost that may interest companies in a position to acquire existing leaseholds from those in financial straits if not acquire GDP out right if it comes to that.

May also just need the cash flow ;)  

"Bankruptcy is a creative tool for the wealthy." - Donald Trump

There are obligations driving the decision to drill now.

Danny , anything in , Dry Creek , la. ? Please if your in Beauguard Oarish Keep me you dated , I can't understand the Oil Talk .
Thanks God Bless ,
Jessye Roux Conner


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