O.K. Newbie here so cut me some slack if I screw this up. I just noticed there's no discussion group for my parish and communication among our residents is sketchy and patchy at best because we are VERY new to the oil play, so we don't have any collective wisdom here. Any comments, insights, or even heresay welcome here. What I have to contribute is just information on lease rates and the areas they are concentrating in right now. (Averaging $150 for first three, varying for next two. From 1/6 to 1/5 royalties.) Devon is about a month into drilling it's first Tangipahoa well just a little north of me in Fluker, Louisiana. I have friends who are part of the unit but they are not hearing much of anything. Security at the site is TIGHT with our local sheriff's office maintaining 24 hour presence a couple of hundred yards from the rig itself. They ask you your business and write it all down. I think it's called a "tight hole" or something like that. They are also going to be buying all the pond water nearby. I don't know how much they are paying but will ask around.I have heard that our state is limiting the drilling of wells for water but I'm not sure of that. It was just hearsay from a friend. Well that's it for now.This is a great site. I've learned tons here. Amelia Resources has been a great help as well. Keep up the good work people.

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Nice post, TangiHopeful.  I, too, am a Tangipahoa Parish landowner/ mineral rights owner.  I have found this site as well as Kirk Barrel's/ Amelia Resource's site extremely helpful.  There are a number of folks with serious expertise who post on this site.  While I am not one of them, I will read most anything and listen to just about anyone on the issues central to the TMS shale play.  Learning to distinguish the chafe from the wheat has been an interesting learning curve, but as of now, thankfully it has not been an expensive one for me and my family.  I am very grateful to the posters on this site and Kirk Barrel for his excellent posts.   Much more so than not, the biases we all have seem to be pretty well tempered here. 

By all reasonable accounts, the evolution of the TMS play is in its very early stages.  The scope and extent to which quality oil and drilling companies can produce oil, i.e. will it be economically viable, can be best called:  "wait and see."  What seems pretty clear is that much of the shale we are concerned with contains oil and wet gas, which is commercially preferable, at this time, than dry gas.  Again, how well the oil/ drilling companies can do in producing it and making the economics work will make all the difference.  

What a Godsend would it be for our wonderful Parish to have a windfall like our sister Parishes in Northwest Louisiana have experienced (and continue to experience to some degree) with the Haynesville Shale?   Optimistic - absolutely.  Realistic - one of the reasons why I am doing my best to become and remain informed.

Welcome to the TMS section of this fantastic site, and best of luck!


Hi TangiHopeful and DCM,

I am new to the site as well, and also find Kirk's site extremely helpful.

We leased a couple years back to a company that ultimately sold its interest to Devon and are watching the development closely.

Good luck to all,




Hi Kenny,

You must be referring to the Ballard site that Diamond B mined for gravel?  Black top road and plenty of ponds there.


We leased everything we owned around Chesbrough to a company called Cypress a couple years back and they sold their interest to Devon.  So, yes, Devon has an interest in that area.

I hope the workers are wearing their blaze orange -- tiz the season.




Where is the Monroe Stevens place?

I doubt they will force pool you without contacting you about a lease. You may not own the minerals and the mineral owner may already be leased? Too many factors can come into play with minerals than with surface ownership.

How many acres is the Monroe Stevens place, and how many acres is your place?

With 13 acres, perhaps a force pool is preferable for you.

GoshDarn, you may be in the wrong parish.  The McIlhenny spread is on Avery Island in Iberia Parish, not Bloody Tangipahoa.  I do agree that northern Tangipahoa Parish is beautiful.  Do you know what Tangipahoa means?

GoshDarn, correct you are. 

I am friends with Gus McIlhenny and there was a parcel of property  owned by the family that he used to visit here in Tangi..but not sure exactly where it's located.

Channel 4 news is going to have something on the Tangi well at 10:00 tonight. I'm sure it won't be earth shaking because we all know Devon isn't going to spill the beans on anything, but maybe, just maybe, some idiot reporter will accidentally stumble on some crumb of truth somewhere if it's just carelessly laying around. I'm going to be gone so I set DVR to record it so if you miss it and the damned computer T.V. thingy actually does what I tell it for once in it's miserable life, I will report on the story tomorrow. And yes I know all of this is a lot to hope for but hope springs eternal in the mind of the village idiot.

O.K. About what I expected but got a good look at the site. Nabors Drilling is doing all the work.


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