I have been trying to keep up with the information in this forum as I have several acres in Livingston Parish. A lot of you guys have put in a lot of hours gathering this data and I have tried to read as much as possible.

From all the discussions and the great maps here it is starting to look to me as though those of us in Northeast Livingston Parish may be a little too far South of the serious play of the TMS.

Is that the general consensus or is it simply still early to say?

Thanks again for all the data and effort.



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You are correct. It is a conventional well going into a nice sized pool of oil just floating on top of  the water down there under a geological trap. Just started taking oil to market recently. I'm speaking of the one with the pump on it just north of the Livingston parish line. It is Weyerhauser land and I think these other wells are targeting the same pools. There are two separate pools located very close to each other.

I got word that Strand Energy has set up an office in Walker, LA. I wonder if they are planning to explore the Tuscaloosa sands and Wilcox sands formations or TMS as well.

So, I heard that Encana may be trying to unload their interest in the TMS. However, I hear there are still Seismograph crews in central and south Livingston Parish. I understand that it may be the Austin Chalk they are after but not sure.

I wish there was more definitive information about Livingston Parish and whether or not is will be a player in any formation. We are strongly considering selling our acreage there and naturally, this information would help.

Encana is trying to find a joint venture partner for the TMS to provide additional capital to drill more wells, they are not trying to unload their interest. They have 4 new wells in the TMS that are in the completion stage, and, if the results, which should be known in the next 30 days or less, are as good as their 2 Anderson wells - they will be in the TMS for a long time. IMO. If  you sell your land, I would certainly hold on to the mineral rights. You can keep them for 10 years - if oil is produced on your land, you keep getting the royalties until the production stops - could be 15-20 years or more.

Thanks Steve.

My problem would be finding a buyer in this market that would pay what it's worth without getting the mineral rights.

I understand why most of this exploration is shrouded in secrecy. It would just be nice if there was any information that suggested whether central Livingston Parish could expect ANY activity.

The first red helicopters with TNT were around about 4 years ago. Now I understand there is more seismic crews in the area. I live in North La. now so I get information in pieces and usually late.

Maybe I am asking for a crystal ball. But, even if we are outside the region that Encana and their partners find viable, that would be informatiaon.

My wife and I are ready to sell and move out of Louisiana altogether. It would sure help having more information to go on.

In my opinion the high resistivity area (as indicated by the blue dotted line in the map at this link : http://tuscaloosatrend.blogspot.com/2013/02/goodrich-announces-cros...  will be getting the majority of the drilling in the TMS, especially after the recent poor results of the Halcon Lambright well. The EOG/Indigo  experiments outside of this area (albeit all in the western TMS) have also yielded weak results so far. Livingston Parish though it is in the eastern TMS, is also outside of this high resistivity area. I have little knowledge or other formation to help you, but, I have heard that the Austin Chalk doesn't go that far east either. However, that is not to say that Livingston Parish does not have high potential for other formations, if not the TMS or AC.You might want to consult a geologist or local mineral expert for their opinion - perhaps the La. Dept. of Natural Resources would share their opinion.

Thanks for the information Steve!


What part of Livingston Parish do you have property in? 

There was Austin Chalk production in the southern part of the parish back in the late 70's. That was from a vertical well with no stimulation. So yes the Austin Chalk extends to Livingston Parish; at least the Southern part.

Yuma has several vertical Tusc sand  wells in the northern portion of the parish that have been drilled in the past year or 2. There is also some Wilcox production and I think a well has just been permitted for that formation.

The seismic that you mentioned from 4 years ago was probably for the Yuma wells that are being drilled now. I'm assuming that the recent seismic in the Southeast part of the Parish is for Austin Chalk. Time will tell what the outcome of that will be. Hope this helps.

Yuma Exploration having some success north of Holden, La with a well drilled into the Wilcox Zone:


Livingston-N. Livingston       Yuma E. & P. Co. #1 Starns, Sec. 38, 6S-5E, S 52deg. 20’ 00” W 9978’ fr NGS Mon “TURKEY RESET” to loc. X= 2,208,358 Y= 672,992. PBHL: S 29deg. 42’ W 1064’ fr surf. PTD: 10,370’(TVD) “WX”sd.

Spud 1/21/13, 9 5/8”@ 3645’, TD 10,119’, logged, 5 ½”@ 10,119’, perf 9520-30’ WX”sd. IP: 300 BOPD+ 50 MCFGPD+ 700 BWPD, open ck., FTP 200#, SITP 250#, GOR 166-1, gty. 40.5, Compl. Oil 3/8/13.


Has anyone heard an update on this well?


I have 40 acres off Hungarian Settlement about 4 blocks from I-12, they surveyed it a couple years ago but I never heard from them. They also drilled test wells back in the late 70's and never found anything.  

I have land about 3 miles north of Hwy 190. It seems I am too far south for the TMS, based on resistivity maps. Should they consider the TMS a legitimate play I dont know how far south it will go and nobody seems to have a single clue. I have inquired numerous times here and it is unknown at this point.

Seems like there would be SOME speculation. Maybe there is and it just isn't on this forum.



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