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Skip, can you give me the website link to this map. I've seen it before but can not find it now.

Thank you so much!


Since it is a web page you can bookmark/favorite it so you can easily access it in the future.  Click on TMS Oil Production vs Time.  Click on the pdf version.

Since when Australis bought out Lawson 25-13H #1 without the knowledge of the owners, last time we knew Encana had it. Our three lease been up, shouldn't they have re-newed a lease with the owner, we haven't heard a word from them nor a check.

Mary,  the Lawson 25-13H had produced about 335,000 barrels of oil at the last report date, 3/1/17.  If your minerals are within the unit boundary, then you are Held By Production and there is no need to offer a new lease.  If you have received royalty payments previously, you have an owner number from Encana.  Contact Australis and inquire why you are not currently receiving payments.

Thanks I will, but I have no information on Australia, should Encana have that info.

Encana might have that information for you and if you have contact information for them, give it a try.  If that doesn't work, contact the Mississippi Oil & Gas Board and get Australis's contact information from them.

Address: 500 Greymont St, Jackson, MS 39202


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