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Lewark well is a horizontal well completed in May. 
See production figures from AOGC web site.



Thanks, Razorback. There must then be an error in the completion report for this well filed this week with the AOGC, as it shows only 4 feet of perforations.

I think the perforations should probably be 6559-7563 feet in the Lewark 1, as a Four R well in 8-20S-20W, completed as a workover 5/2/14 and reported 8/8/2014, shows perforations from 6346-7607 feet.


This is Form 3 completion report for 46991 Lewark 1



Info below is from Magnolia Reporter

Posted: 06 Sep 2014 05:57 AM PDT

Southwestern Energy apparently wants to take another look at its Lower Smackover Brown Dense well near the Walkerville community.

A letter on file with the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission says that the company will place a workover rig at the McMahen No. 19-21 No. 1-7 site in a wildcat field west of Arkansas 19.

At the time the well was first drilled last October, there were hopes that it would find a large quantity of oil in the LSBD. The well was drilled to a depth of more than 11,000 feet. But perforations between 10,976 and 11,305 feet produced only four barrels of 40.1 gravity oil daily. The well was completed on December 17.

A letter from Southwestern Energy production analyst Cathy Rowan to the commission, dated August 29, said that the well was shut in last December.

“We are currently moving a workover rig to the location and plan to perforate the same zone, but at a higher interval. At this time, we do not plan to fracture stimulate the well. However, if we change our plans to frac, proper notification will be provided,” the letter said.

Southwestern Energy has let go thousands of acres leased for mineral purposes in the Columbia County area since its initial interest in the Lower Smackover. An exception has been the acreage that includes the square mile around the McMahen well site.


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