I was contacted by Cougar Land Services to shoot 1289 acres in North Webster Parish

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Becareful.  As I understand, neither Cougar or Geokinetics are legally registered to do business in Louisiana with the Secretary of State.  Without a registered agent, will be hard to track them down if a check bounces or some other problem comes up.

Really thanks I will look into that. I have been in contact with several people that have signed.

How soon should you expect a check after you sign?

I was told max 60 days


 I was told 4 to 6 weeks.


Hi, how much per acre are they paying?  I also own land in Webster Parish, northwest.  

They sent me papers offering 15 per acre for land I have in Claiborne Parish.

&15 per acre.

Where is the Seismic Shoot in relation to Springhill. My family has about 600 acres unleased in SE and and SW Springhill just outside the city limits.

David, The 3-D seismic study covers Townships 22N and 23N, Ranges 7, 8, and 9 West. Based upon your land is not near study area. It only extends couple of miles west of Shongaloo

I own land in T22N R9W and haven't been contacted by anyone.  I assume the 3-D seismic study is being done by "deep pockets" - does anyone know?  Do the results get filed with the state for public access?

3D seismic costs about $83,000 per square mile and may be shot for one or more clients.  Relatively speaking it's cheap compared to drilling wells.  The results are proprietary and not filed with the state or any other governmental entity.


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