Were they actually prepared to pay 3500 bucks an acre for a lease agreement? I have heard little discussion of this.

A local attorney, James Davis, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on ten counts.http://static.npaper-wehaa.com/pub-files/122299455048e56a76a4df5/pu..." border="0"/>

As reported in previous editions of The Inquisitor, Davis is accused of stealing a million dollars from an oil company, which had hired him to acquire mineral leases.

According to the indictment obtained by The Inquisitor, Furie Petroleum Company, LLC, out of Texas, deposited $1 million in the trust account of Jones, Odom, Davis & Politz, LLP, a law firm that Davis was a partner in. The funds were supposed to be used to acquire mineral leases in

Webster Parish and Bienville Parish for $3,500 per acre; however, Davis allegedly devised a scheme in which he provided a false sense of security to Furie Petroleum and then began disbursing money into bank accounts under Davis’s control.

According to the indictment filed Thursday, the government is seeking forfeiture of all of Davis’s property, including real estate and personal property involved or traceable to the property involved in the offense. The indictment also makes it clear that the government is going after any other property that Davis may own that could be substituted for property involved in the offense.

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I heard that Davis was hoping to flip the movie and possibly replace x 3 the cost but he was punked. The #2 man at Furie and a few others were canned over the deal. Guess the movie project was a hail mary.

There were over 800 acres leased on this deal with more than a few of them leased at the mentioned price. Those were different times. 


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