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China imposes 25% tarif on US LNG
1 Reply

Started this discussion. Last reply by Skip Peel - Mineral Consultant May 15, 2019.

Chinese tariffs on US LNG
3 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by Skip Peel - Mineral Consultant Aug 6, 2018.

US LNG Delivered to Latvia
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Tom Pendergast Aug 30, 2017.


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Martin replied to Jared Singletary's discussion Lease form?
"Happy to hear this.  Hope things go well for you."
Nov 16, 2020
Martin replied to Jared Singletary's discussion Lease form?
"Yes.  He was a major help with  negotiating with the Chesapeake landsman and he wrote both leases. "
Nov 5, 2020
Martin replied to Jared Singletary's discussion Lease form?
"Hire a good oil and gas lawyer. If you I've in Louisiana, I recommend Summers in Shreveport. He did my leases and I have been quite pleased.  And it is not very expensive.    Remember, Indigo has negotiated many leases."
Nov 5, 2020
Martin replied to Skip Peel - Mineral Consultant's discussion Natural Gas Is in a Tailspin and There’s Almost Nowhere to Hide
"    There was a Bloomberg article several days past that predicted  China's corona virus outbreak will reduce China's demand for fossil fuel over several quarters. The reason is that the governm=ent has closed many schools…"
Feb 10, 2020
Martin replied to Skip Peel - Mineral Consultant's discussion HAYNESVILLE RIG COUNT BY PARISH/COUNTY AND OPERATOR (1/24/20)
"Thanks, Skip!"
Jan 26, 2020
Martin replied to Skip Peel - Mineral Consultant's discussion Comstock in talks to buy Chesapeake's Haynesville assets
"Is there any information of potential LNG customers building LNG gasification plants? Is that the proper term? Also, there would be the supporting pipeline construction to distribute the gas."
Nov 13, 2019
Martin replied to Skip Peel - Mineral Consultant's discussion Cheniere targets earlier Texas LNG export unit completion in H1 2021
"Today, November 4, on the local NPR station, an economist specializing in fossil fuels, stated that this year the USA shipped LNG to 33 countries."
Nov 4, 2019
Martin replied to Skip Peel - Mineral Consultant's discussion Energy Stocks Fall Faster Than Oil Prices
"Indeed Skip. I can remember when lease signing bonuses were reaching $12,000.00/acre in 2008 & 29009, by Cheasapeake. And that was in Sabine parish.   Another driver of crude oil prices is international. Iran. Plus OPEC production…"
Oct 19, 2019

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At 19:57 on November 10, 2008, mooncookie said…

I feel like a comment page stalker......
can you hear my breath????
don't look but I'm hiding behind the fake

where you been?
At 17:40 on October 21, 2008, mooncookie said…
Any pix of Mamie?

I might be able to shop for 'parents' for her. usually a cute picture will get etched in someone's brain and they will give in to temptaion (when it comes to pets)
At 6:07 on October 19, 2008, mooncookie said…
Well, your response was right on. McCain is not a bad guy, he is really unlucky (just b/c he has lost in 2000 when he should have been our pres.... that's my theory)

Yes I read an article in the Rolling Stone (the cover is not too nice to Mc) and the story points out that he is a tougher and shrewd-er person with a sense of wanting to achieve great things, but also human and personally corrupt (then again everyone has a period of 'frolicking' and at least one failed marriage...right?) I certainly don't want to crack my glass house.

As for how he feels about Obama, its b/c he has to actually believe the crazy bs that Rove feeds him for him to pull it off, It's not academy award winning.... but as far as him 'deep-down' hating on the bro.... I cannot really say, superficially Yes.

I don't think Obama has anamosity towards McCain, but if he catch his innuendos----they point straight to "the bad guys" (Rove, Gramm, Stevens, et. al.) And he can be several ways about that, but his confidence has to be unwavering and he has to have that 'certainty' about his vision of a better America solidly fixed in order to get it out there. You can't sell anything without creating a demand for exactly what you have (change the name of Macheivelli's The Prince-into-The Artist and you have my philosophy on doing the really daunting complex 'stuff' of life The curse side of his media blessing: silly antics on both sides of the aisle.

Back to the point: He is Anikin Skywalker reluctantly beating down Jedi style by the wannabe conservative 2-faced DC pimps and can't seem to get the 'thugs' out of his life... so he is almost drained of all the energy he has and thus a bit too "exhausted" to be facing these problems... although I believe he is doing it (and selling his soul to the evangelicals in the process) For the right reasons! Which despite him being not so gifted in the military honors, makes him admirable.
At 3:47 on October 16, 2008, mooncookie said…
I could not believe how much McCain blinked last night.... poker tells 101. He even blinked more vigorously (if possible) when he was saying all of that crazy stuff. I'm glad he did bring up that abortion thing and we got to hear Obama talk about the fact that illinois already had a law on the books, and that the hypocratic oath permits the crazy accusations that some of the hard core Rovians on the site brought up weeks ago.

I though Obama was going to fall out of his chair laughing a few times.... that ironic fingerpointing game of Rove's really hurt McCain.

That rolling stone article "make-believe maverick" doesn't help him much either.... Country first my arse... (It's funny that no one brings up the fact that he skipped out on his dead brothers for R&R instead of helping retrieve bodies (or fighting the flames) after the USS Forrestal incident... he left with the press) Now I see he is a lot like Bush, just a worse pilot!
At 7:57 on October 13, 2008, Keith Mauck (Site Publisher) said…
Hey Martin, ShaleGeo is still posting on the general site when time allows him, but he is not taking Q/A on the Geological group.
At 18:08 on October 8, 2008, mooncookie said…
About trolls...? I just kinda expected there to be a few people that have multiple identities and they range in their attitude about things (good cop/bad cop), but I am not that sophisticated and just operate under intuition on these things.

Sometimes people have a 'makeover' or comeback from exile with a new name. I have been busy, but when a random thought hits me about one issue or another (been keeping up with the speeches and debates while juggling 3 lil projects) I try to find a place to post and share with folks.

OCD with compassion.... that should be my slogan when I run for

Have a good morning!
At 3:45 on October 3, 2008, Keith Mauck (Site Publisher) said…
Hi Martin,

I think a live chat during election night is a great idea. I'll bust it out a couple of times until then so people get used to it. Funny, I thought people would discuss the debate but it really remained on Gas stuff.

Not sure where you are in your knowledge of the shale but there are alot of posts that I need to categorize and somehow make available from 3-4 months's stuff people will need to know when leasing picks up again. thanks.
At 11:57 on September 29, 2008, msfva said…
My estimate of 100 units is all of those starting back in Fall of 2007, and going through this fall. Sorry I wasn't more clear.
At 5:03 on September 4, 2008, Sarah said…
Hey! It looks like we're friends. :) Thanks for adding me. I asked yesterday because I was having that sick panicky feeling when I read that email saying she was going to go ahead with splitting the minerals. (because it's cheaper and faster) I'll see what she says to my latest reply back about it not being as expensive as she may think. I can't thank you enough for all your help! Especially coming from someone whose just been down this road. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my cry for help!
And as I side note, wow. You are involved in quite a few vigourous discussions on here! I haven't read them all but I see how many!
At 12:13 on August 23, 2008, msfva said…
The map of the 25 wells has been posted. Look in the section of this web site under "Photos"


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