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Ownership of Mineral Rights and the State of Louisiana

The State of Louisiana is undoubtedly the largest landowner in the state, and therefore is likely the largest mineral owner as well. Just like any other party, the State often acts aggressively to protect and establish its ownership of mineral rights throughout Louisiana. This blog post is meant to give a summary of some of the legal issues surrounding ownership of mineral rights when the State of Louisiana is involved.  This post is for educational purposes only, and is certainly no…


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What is a Servitude?

One of the unique aspects of Louisiana property law is the regime governing servitudes. For Louisianans and out-of-staters alike, the nomenclature and rules can be quite confusing. This post is to provide a brief summary of the ins and outs of Louisiana servitudes, in their basic forms, in hopes of alleviating some of that confusion. I will go into more depth into mineral servitudes because that is subject matter of this site.

This post is meant to be educational, but certainly should…


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I am UMI

I am an unleased mineral interest owner. I can't help but notice the derisive comments slung my way and towards others like me. Seems industry types hurl slurs at us, particularly when business is slow, i.e., when natural gas prices tumble a bit. Yeah, no one likes them; at least, not those of us who stand to profit immensely from higher prices. In any event, back to the point. Exemplary of the childish name-calling include "parasites, goats, and freeloaders." Hmmm. Bullying is distasteful not… Continue

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Selliing Royalties

Hello all Haynesvilleshalians. I am a land owner out that way but live out of state. I have been considering selling my Royalties instead of holding on to my share. Does anybody know what Pros or Cons I should expect if I were to do so?

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Mansfield wants to get in on mineral rights leasing

July 15, 2008

Mansfield wants to get in on mineral rights leasing

By Vickie Welborn

MANSFIELD — With 113 acres here, five acres there, one or two acres over yonder, the city of Mansfield could stand to gain some unexpected revenue if oil and gas companies zero in on the city for potential natural gas exploration and drilling.

That's why Mayor Curtis McCoy asked Marjorie McKeithen, the state's… Continue

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