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What happened to ELm Grove?

I've been a member of this site since 08 and remember the talk between then and 2010 and

how ELMGrove(S. Caddo) was one of the sweet spots in the play.  Even containing at

one point the largest producing well a few years ago. Since then all of the action appears

to be in De Soto, Red River, and Holly.  Does anyone know what went wrong? Is there

still potential in this area? And if so when? All of my families wells

are in T=16n  R=13w.  We have had at this…


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tucker 32

we own 62 acres in section 32, 17n-15w. It just produced and shows results for june and july.

With a one fourth agreement with chesapeake. Can someone look at the numbers and tell me what

to expect based on production as listed on sonris?

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drilling related?

Does the shreveport times follow the results published on sonris, or do they have access to well productivity results before they are listed on sonris?

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I own 125 acres in section 33, 16n 13w and after royalties from the first well on the unit (run by camterra) produced scraps, I recently noticed a second well was being placed on the unit. Can anyone tell me if this is a horizontal well and if so mightl the amount of gas produced be significantly higher than the first.

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what to expect?

what might a well located in section 32 17n 15w expect to produce?

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i was contacted by CHESAPEAKE for lease purchase in section 032 17N 15W in north caddo and was hoping to chat with others who may have received offers in this unit

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I was recently offered to lease my mineral rights on 99 acres of land in section 10 23N 08W, by a landsman from Chesapeake OIL. When I looked at sonaris I noticed that there had already been several wells producing section 10 23N 08W. I have 2 questions. Is section 10 23N 08W in the haynesville play the only section 10 23N 08W? Am I due past amounts of royalties from other oil companies who have been producing in my unit for the past 2 years?

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red flag camterra ?

does any one the implications of red flags being placed on oil companies and how those may impact production.....????????? I found this after entering org id in sonaris for debroeck well 237795 for which i own 125 acres.

Effective Date End Date Warning Status Warning Description
05/03/2005 07/06/2005 I ILLEGAL MOVEMENT

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question on units

can anyone provide me with a link so I can see how many wells are in my 640 acre unit.
thank you , DeBroeck 033, 16N..13W

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question between sections and units

does the section # of the well name mean the same thing as the unit? and if so do all owners in a paticular section, such as section 33, split the royalties from that production section?

Added by john hamilton on May 26, 2009 at 5:47pm — 3 Comments

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