Leslie Haines, Editor-in-Chief of the Oil and Gas Investor recently did a write up about this site. It's exciting to see this site continue to grow thanks to you all.

"Haynesville Shale Website Illuminating"

or read it below.....

July 28th, 2008

I recently came upon a new Haynesville shale website that has info on Louisiana regulatory hearings, public education programs scheduled in Shreveport and elsewhere, and background information and maps from geologists.

The most interesting part of the site? The many discussion groups that have been formed, that are arranged by parish. (There is also one for East Texas, where the Haynesville is known as the Lower Bossier. In recent weeks, Penn Virginia Corp. brought in a well that tested 8 million a day from the Lower Bossier/Haynesville shale.)

Of note: A person on the site asked, “If people are able to get a 25% royalty from these oil companies, why don’t these landowners negotiate for 100%?” There’s a whole lotta learnin’ to do!

Go to http//www.gohaynesvilleshale.com. It’s a window into the Haynesville gold rush.

–Leslie Haines, Editor in chief, Oil and Gas Investor, lhaines@hartenergy.com


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Comment by Jim & Lyn on August 26, 2008 at 19:59
If you study Ms Haines website, you'll read a lot about the HS play...And also notice that they sponsor training/workshop conventions for landmen and Acquisition/Development/Production Companies with a purpose of giving them tips, tricks, and negotiating tactics for gaining mineral leases and/or making contacts with the big fish that they can flip their acquired leases over to for a profit/ or how to locate needy landowners with mineral rights in the upcoming sweet spots for lower contract acquisition costs. In fact, there's a big training event convention for O/G development companies & landmen in Dallas that they sponsor on Sept 3rd and 4th. What do you wanna bet that they have done some mining of landowner opinions or focus info from this website and the forum discussions 'by county/parish' in order to better address the "tips and tricks for closing mineral leases to increase profits" portion of their workshop? Just take a look at the topics http://www.hartenergyconferences.com/presentations.html
...wouldn't we like to be a fly on the wall?
Comment by Iris on August 21, 2008 at 12:01
Read some other comments on Haines site...interesting...thx for reference...to sesport person...wouldn't that be just grrreat..
Comment by sesport on August 19, 2008 at 20:29
I liked Ms. Haines comment re. "There's a whole lot of learnin' to do." What isn't stated is that we're now up to a 25% royalty from a traditional 1/8 royalty. Whose to say we all won't take our bonus money & royalties, buy stock in these companies, and hold controling shares? If NW La owned the majority of shares, we might get durn close to that 100% royalty.

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