From today's energy sepeech by President Obama at Georgetown. I came in on this late, so your thoughts are welcome. Very lukewarm on his endorsement of natural gas. Ignored the promise of shale oil. More attacks on the oil industry... Generally shows a lack of handle on the subject matter.


- Energy Secretary Chu will work with Natural Gas companies to improve the safety of shale gas drilling.


- The potential for natural gas is enormous with broad bi-partisan support.


- Obama calls on members of congress to pass legislation that allows for the safe extraction of natural gas. [Note: Does this mean he is endorsing EPA oversight of hydraulic fracturing?]


President is directing all federal fleet vehicles to be either alternative fuel or hybrids. [Note: Does this mean natural gas federal fleet vehicles are out?]


With inceptives the U.S. can double its clean energy use utilizing wind, solar and efficient natural gas. A clean energy standard can give companies the certainty they need to invest.


On nuclear. If it's safe, it can make a difference in climate change. We can't simply take it off the table.


Government funding is critical.


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