How up to date are you on recent developments in Shale Gas? It seems like that break throughs occur monthly!

Do you want to know how shale fits into the overall natural gas market or how the gas price effects  operations? When is the best time to drill? What are the differences and similarities between the various basins?  If you find yourself in need of information to help you make sound decisions, you should consider attending the 2nd Shale Gas Drilling and Completions event.  The great thing about this event will be the opportunity to learn via application by applying enhanced drilling and completions techniques. Additonally, the panel will look and discuss lessons learned from current case studies and how these can apply to your own projects.

The event, taking place from June 20th - 21st, in Houston, will bring you the answers to your most pressing drilling and completions questions. The panel is shaping up to be tremendous; loaded with industry experts who will guide the discussion on recent developments in the Shale Gas industry. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from the experts, so ensure that you've reserved your ticket for Shale Gas Drilling & Completions 2011.

What else is in it for you if you register now? We have reached out the Shale Gas Drilling and Completions event team and they offered a special discount just for members of If you mention the following promotional code during the registration process, you will get a 10% discount on the standard ticket prices: GHS

To book your reservation, call 1-800-882-8684 or just email Do not forget to mention the promotional code to claim your discount!


Keith Mauck
GHS Publisher

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