Shreveport Mayoral Candidate Roy Burrell: "Shreveport’s future will be brighter tomorrow because of the Haynesville Shale."

What Role Do You Foresee the Haynesville Shale playing in Shreveport’s future?

There has been much excitement about the Haynesville Shale since 2008, and rightfully so. It has been one of the most important and impactful Economic Development finds for Northwest Louisiana and East Texas in the last 30 years. Statistics show this 3.5 million acre gold mine will produce an estimated 250 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas, which could meet the needs of the entire country for the next 12 years! All of this translates into revenue for landowners and municipalities, hoteliers and the housing industry, numerous jobs in areas including research, land acquisition, exploration, drilling, transportation, administration, and general labor. Clearly, the Haynesville Shale has positively and dramatically impacted Shreveport.

Because of another positive factor deriving from the Haynesville Shale in the form of tax revenues, I supported House Bill 289, which dedicates certain mineral revenues to be used for local infrastructural needs. I also provided leadership during the 2009 Legislative Session by supporting Act 469, which provides some of the best demand stimulating legislation of any state in the country for using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a transportation fuel. Its benefits are evidenced by the fact that Shreveport will soon have new CNG buses on the streets of Shreveport and Bossier City! The enactment of these bills ensures that the citizens of Shreveport and this region will experience the benefits of the Haynesville Shale in their everyday lives, for years to come!

We cannot, however, stop here. We must continue to seek opportunities and enact legislation to ensure all of our citizens reap the benefits of this venture, both now and in the future. We must continue to make community investments in areas such as Education and Quality of Life. I have expressed that I expect operators to work closely with local government and elected officials to address concerns and issues at the ‘customer service’ level. It is imperative that companies conform to these standards in order to earn the trust and confidence of the public today and for years to come.

As Shreveport’s next Mayor, one of my foremost priorities would be to ensure the availability of capital for the implementation of Shreveport’s Master Plan. I believe this can be achieved through the development of an Economic Development Fund, utilizing Haynesville Shale revenue as matching funds to support public/private partnerships to develop our future City. As I have stated, I believe that Shreveport must not only be ‘just a city…but the new destination’. If we couple our excitement today with foresight and stewardship, Shreveport’s future will be brighter tomorrow because of the Haynesville Shale.

Rep. Roy A. Burrell

2010 Candidate, Shreveport Mayor

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Comment by Old Oil Man on October 19, 2010 at 19:05
Hmmm, interesting truly interesting!!!!!

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