Wright Water Introduces a Ground Breaking Tool for Water Resource Location

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The Wright Water Network just got smarter this week with the release of our new RightSource System. The RightSource System(RSS) turns the hundreds of raw water sources already in our network into a valuable decision making tool for water buyers seeking to find the most economical and reliable sources available.

For Water Buyers,

RightSource delivers:

  • Deepest Inventory of water sources available in the Haynesville play -- including the newest pits and hard-to-locate water impoundments
  • Lower Costs. Our geospatial analysis tools determine the most economical water selection for your well location.
  • TrueVolume -- coming soon-- a ground-breaking feature which combines on-site engineering and web technology to deliver exact water volumes and contract status in near real-time for certified ponds.

For Landowners,    
RightSource delivers:

  • A pond selection process that ensures your water assets aren't left out of potential water buys
  • A proximity analysis that determines possible water sales opportunities within range of your water source or planned water project
  • TrueVolume certification process to calculate your pond's water volume in near, real-time and eliminate the guesswork for water buyers. Wright Water is seeking participants for this beta program now. Contact us to join.  

Whether you're a producer or a landowner, the opportunities to benefit are enormous.

Contact Wright Water to learn how The Network can work for you.

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