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At 11:37am on May 6, 2018, Krkyoldhag said…

glad to be back on site.  been since 2011

if can find panola group that where I will be trying to find out why an independent landman named worley is sending me lease from Rockcliff.

hope life has been good to you in past 7 years.

At 8:29pm on May 13, 2016, Steve SEAMAN said…

My e-mail address is

At 8:25pm on May 13, 2016, Steve SEAMAN said…

How do I check to see if the 100 plus acres I own in mineral rights are producing or being drilled on?


At 1:16pm on April 28, 2016, Phyllis Heckemeyer said…

Where can I get an updated map of gas wells around my property? I live on FM 1277 in the Goodwin community. My e-mail address is I want to know how close to my property pads are located. Google maps does not show current activity. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

At 9:07pm on April 27, 2016, Todd Parrish said…

Hi Keith

I recently received a letter from a law firm working for indigo minerals

they are running a long lateral through 008-14n-16w and I noticed my full name in the surface location details map, is that a good thing for me

thanks Todd b Parrish

At 7:52pm on March 21, 2016, John Carson said…
Keith I have been contacted by a Landman in Tyler and he has emailed me a division order on a small piece of property I own in San Augustine county. He says they will spud in April. Who would you suggest I contact to review this division order to ensure bonus & %'s are good.

Appreciate your help

John Carson
At 12:07pm on January 8, 2016, Sue Hines Brown said…

Searching  for others with  aix lease in claiborne  parish   concerned  about  bankruptcy  and its  implications  any responses  much appreciated  

At 11:42am on August 16, 2015, Arrest_ID said…

Was reading the thread started by Dextar, Liars and thieves, right?, and was surprised to see all the negativity by the landowners.  Was trying to make a comment, but maybe i have lost my posting privileges.   I am an investor in 2019 natgas futures by the way.

Obviously, the oil and natgas mkts are diff... and short term - everything is in the cellar.  However, we will need 100+ BCF/day of natgas by 2020.  Not all that increase can come out of Marcellus/Utica - 15 incremental foretasted by then; or Associated - 3 incremental forecasted.  But 5 BCF/day incremental is needed out of Haynesville.  Proximity to LNG export terms; Mexican pipeline export estimates grow by the month.  Seems like a rosey macro enviro - unless you need the money right now.

At 4:24pm on July 8, 2015, William Howard Pritchartt said…

OK Keith now I have an issue with my post being partially deleted.  In an effort to comply with site policy I made an offer to share info to help members without compensation in return and stated it was not a solicitation for personal monetary gain for me. 

Please explain how discussing issues of private business between members off this public forum constitutes me violating site policy.  If it does can you inform me of any ethical options as I have honorable intentions I will be more than willing to fully disclose to you by phone if you like about what I intend to share. 

At 11:03am on June 29, 2015, Krkyoldhag said…

What is going on with Samson?

I have lease held by "production" and no production in past 18 months.

Two years ago they put in road, pad, two pits and nothing since the August Kravis KKR bought Samson.

Now I read that first considering bankrupting Samson then Itochu sells their 25% to KKR for $1..

Do you hear anything about what will happen with the leases like mine with Samson (was old Placid lease).  It is located in Panola County.

At 12:07pm on April 10, 2015, A. Mitchell said…

Thanks for all your Help.

At 9:22pm on October 1, 2014, NANCY LENAU said…

I have visited your site for Many Years !   Just wanted to say a Very Big Thank you !!!!  And God Bless !!!!

At 3:30pm on August 11, 2014, Preston J. Dugas III said…


Our law firm is handling thousands of cases against Chesapeake related to its underpayment of royalties.  We will begin advertising in LA soon.  I was hoping that we could work with you and advertise on your website.  We will of course pay for our adds.  I'd also like to speak with you about the Haynesville Shale in general and about DeSoto Parish. 

I'm a native Louisianian.  My Dad and his entire family are from Mamou, LA, and my mother's family is from Metairie, LA, so i admittedly don't know much about DeSoto Parish. 

Please feel free to email me at  You can also reach me by calling my cell number at 817.846.5633. 

At 9:10am on July 10, 2014, Woodlander said…

Can you tell me if "david crockett' owns land in Eola or if he was just reporting.  Feeling like I really need additional information on what is going on in that area. We own in S2, E2 area and have a current lease.

At 1:51pm on June 20, 2014, Natch N3 said…


I've been gone for a few years so you go and update the site. It will take me a while to navigate! Looks fantastic..congrats!

At 10:29am on June 12, 2014, William C. Morrison said…

Great web page.  I truly enjoy it and use it.  We have property sits amidst of TMS to the North, Morganza Field to the West, Judge Digby to the South and Moore-Sams to the East.  We keep hoping and watching.

Thank you for such a great service!

At 5:56pm on June 1, 2014, Richard Dickerson said…
Yes, I was wondering if there already was a Pike Co., Miss discussion site. If one doesn't exist I am not requesting one to be set up.
At 3:18pm on May 23, 2014, Spring Branch,mineral owner said…

Make that "own" minerals in several parishes and counties....

At 3:17pm on May 23, 2014, Spring Branch,mineral owner said…

Keith, I hate what has happened to the TMS portion of the GHS website.  It used to be very easy for me to keep up with all the current posts regarding the TMS and now it is virtually impossible.  If I click on the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Group in the Groups Latest Activity section of the GHS, all I get is a blank page.  You have made it virtually impossible to follow all the blogs on the TMS.  I liked it much better when there was a Mississippi site and a Louisiana site as I won minerals is several parishes and counties of Louisiana and Mississippi.

At 6:05pm on April 20, 2014, jim weyland said…


i'm sure that someone's already let you know that the scrolling photos/names of those logged-in to the site are not now showing up on the site.

with regards,

jim weyland 


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