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At 4:00pm on June 10, 2008, nisie, not a happy camper landowner said…
I am having problem sending pics from my phone to email can you help?
At 12:15pm on June 10, 2008, Breon Pugh said…
At 11:55pm on June 9, 2008, cz said…
Thanks so much for starting this group. I have a quarter section in desoto parish(14-15n-13w) purchased in 1985 with minerals already leased--$1.00 per acre bonus and 1/8 + 1/32 of 7/8 royalty. Crzy huh? O well! Have already recieved over $300 K + in royalties. The best is yet to come
At 7:03pm on June 9, 2008, nisie, not a happy camper landowner said…
It would be great to have an area to post info about various wells.
At 4:35pm on June 9, 2008, nisie, not a happy camper landowner said…
what about south caddo parish group?
At 9:14am on June 8, 2008, Kassi said…
No, I have not done this before but I have been doing a heck of a lot of research for my neighbors and myself.
At 7:48pm on June 7, 2008, DrWAVeSport Cd1 said…
Just needed to say a BIG THANK you...from all of the Haynesville Shale Play bloggers. You have no idea how much you have helped others become better educated about their rights, their properties, and their abilities to negotiate for themselves in a manner that will provide some additional income (in this time of soaring gasoline, groceries, etc., etc.) to their neighborhoods, their families and individuals who may be seeing some tougher times around here.

Even if one family can collect a few $K more than a paltry $100 or $200 for their opportunity to participate in this exciting venture of O&G...You, my friend, have been truly a helping hand.

My hat is off to you! And I hope some day...when things settle down...we will all get a chance to say Thank You in a more public forum.

DrWAVeSport 6/7/08 p.m.
At 6:34pm on June 4, 2008, DrWAVeSport Cd1 said…
Spent all afternoon downloading "legal notices" per the public hearings that are set by the State of LA Office of Conservation, for O&G company applications to drill, spacing of wells, etc., etc., etc.

Seems strange to me: Prior to June 17, 2008, you CANNOT find but a handful of applications/legal notices(per hearings) that contain this: "#2. To force pool and unitize all separately owned tracts, mineral leases and other property within the proposed units in accordance with Sect. 10, Title 30 of the LA Revised Statutes of 1950, with each tract to share in the unit production on a surface acreage basis of participation".

Again...I looked through and read notices begining Jan. 8, 2008...finding just a few legal notices that contain #2.

Why? Why do 90% of the legal notices posted June 17th and following (assoc. with the "Jurassic" or Haynesville shale) (O&G names include Goodrich, Chesapeake, Camterra, Ark-La-Tex Energy, Beusa Energy, Matador, Encana, Cypress Operating, Sklar, Winchester, etc....contain #2?

If anyone can explain or better communicate this "FORCED POOLING" matter and just what these O&G companies are attempting to do with these applications containg same, I would appreciate some feedback ASAP.

Is this a "plus" for the O&Gs or is this a "plus" for the landowner being force pooled? I keep reading negative comments and negative info regarding "force pooling." Do the O&G's get out of paying "bonus" moneys to the pooled mineral owner?

I am sure the O&Gs know exactly what is up...But...doubt that the CEO of Chesapeake is reading this blog. However, here is the invite to him...join the discussion...

I know what I believe about this situation...but for now...will wait for wiser friends than me to respond.

DrWAVeSport Wed. 6/4/08 p.m. Sure am enjoying all the discussions!!!

P.S. I am finding...that the really helpful info is coming from fellow bloggers...and the O&G experts stay pretty dodgy when one tries to get some frank and honest info. Thanks Fellow Bloggers...I "s"HAIL" you all...
At 9:37pm on June 3, 2008, DrWAVeSport Cd1 said…
Re: Forced-pooling mineral leases of separately owned tracts of land. Per
Individual in NW LA "received a notice in mail that an oil company is having a hearing, in part, to force pool and integrate separately owned tracts." Individual says that he/she has not been contacted per leasing minerals by this company. Says hearing is on June 17, 2008.

"All" expert replies that "of all of the hearings on June 17, five of them are for the Jurassic or Haynesville...

Does anyone know what is up with this? Please reply ASAP. May need to spend some time around the courthouses. (Info posted on "" on May 20th.)

DrWAVeSport Tues. 6/3/2008 p.m.
At 7:35pm on June 3, 2008, DrWAVeSport Cd1 said…
Please read the blogs with the Shreveport Times, good info here. Group forming @ the Lighthouse B. Church on Flournoy-Lucas Rd. in Caddo parish (specifically for investigating info per a land leasing assoc. "group" of landowners per negotiating better leases). I am not associated with this church. However, last Thursday, p.m. group of 120+ met to get info from an O&G attorney per leasing. Another meeting is being scheduled for some time this month (June). Please call 686-2964 and get add. info for this meeting. Strength in Numbers!!! My neighbor, in south/central Caddo parish just signed with Chesapeake (no land man involved) (13 acres) for $9K/acre and 25% royalty, renegotiated lease in 3 years. cannot get your head around the $$$ this find will produce for these O&G companies. The CEO of CHK just purchased 600,000 shares of stock and issued $2 Billion of debt in a bid for E&P in the Haynesville Shale Play (and other areas). Don't sell your land short!!! Questar just paid $29K+ per acre (Feb. 29, 2008) for 22,000 acres (lease-hold interest only) (1 area in Red River and 1 area in Bienville, respectively). What these O&G companies have spent over the past year for leasing contracts with the landowners who did not have the benefit of knowing what was going on right under their noses...i.e., $100-$250/acre leases...will more than...who knows how many X's pay for any $$$ amount for the next round of leasing frenzy...Don't get sucked in! Read everything yu can find! And get with a neighbor or neighborhood, and present these O&G companies with a deal THEY cannot refuse.
We are talking a drop in the bucket (these leasing bonuses and royalty percentages) for these O&G's to be paying here in NW LA. The price of NG this a.m. is around $12.30+...that's almost double what it was as the end of 2007!

Remember...and extra $5K/acre is nothing to these companies...absolutely the overall scheme of things...if this run holds true...AND THE O&G COMPANIES ARE TELLING THEIR STOCKHOLDERS THAT HEAVEN SITS IN THE HAYNESVILLE SHALE!

Resubmitted by DrWAVeSport Tues. 6/03/08 p.m.
P.S. Go to This takes you to Money Talks Topics the shift down to "Haynesville Shale" blog.....and READ!
At 2:04pm on June 3, 2008, Taylor said…
We are waiting it out. Last offer was $4500/25% R. Several people around us have settled for 2,000 an acre or less. If all the info. out there pans out, we would be stupid to settle so soon. All need to hold out like folks did in the Barrett Shale area. Some communities got smart and made a lot of money.

We went to Dallas/Fort Worth last week. How can all those rigs be so close to airport. They are all over the Airport property. I would think that would be too dangerous to have them that close.
At 6:51pm on June 1, 2008, Greyshades said…
It's from a Petrohawk (HK) analyst report release sometime back in March, I think. They were trying to recount the efforts of the various companies (pre-Chesapeake announcement) to locate the extent of the HS.

By the way, may I make a suggestion? On the description of the HS in your intro, you may want to change it to "between the Haynesville formation and the Smackover formation." Some of your less sophisticated readers might mistakenly think you are talking about the towns of Bossier and Smackover!
At 8:12am on May 21, 2008, Coonman said…
None yet.....
sec 17 township 19 range 16w NE/4 of SW/4
Caddo Parish -40 acers


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