There is a meeting tomorrow night at the Central Assembly of God in Haughton on the Big Hill to the right just past Louisiana Downs, it starts at 6 PM. Please attend

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Is this a twin cities meeting or 1 put on by landowner advocates? Twin cities has been meeting here on tuesdays for a couple of months.
The lady who told me this lives in Country Place Subdivision. She dont remember who is holding it, but i called to confirm and yes there is a meeting at 6 pm. She says the letter came thru her HOA at Country place. The girl at C.A.O.G. says they have been holding meetings there the last few weeks on tuesdays. Im sorry i cannot give you a definate answer.
It is Twin Cities who are landmen acquiring leases for cheasapeake. You do not want to sign a company lease without input from an expert. Everyone knows now, some to late though, that the answer for a better lease is to organize and have a knowledgable person(s) represent them. Nothing against the twin cities landmen, but this will not be the place to sign a lease.
If you go to I have posted a mineral lease items for negotiation and a surface rights items for negotiation. These are a good starting point. You should never sign the standard lease
Actually Kassi..if she stays right here on this site..i have posted it as well : ) Right below the members.


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