Obama says, 'I will tap our natural gas reserves'!!'I will cut taxes for 95% of Amercans'!!

Great for Shalers, that's us.
I don't know about you, but even with my Shale blessings, I am still in the lower 95%. For those of you in the top 5, so sorry....NOT.
So I know who I am going with.

What'dya think of that!

Yes We Can and WILL!

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Isn't she a governor?
Oh heck. I was wrong? Thats what I get for parroting the GOP platform. Shouldve checked my facts. Doesnt change anything. Im voting for Mac anyway. Be better suited with Ron Paul but thats not happening.

Time for another group?
What would Obama do if the Gas companies were making billions and were capping wells to control supply and thus prices.
Would he seize rights to minerals claiming they are the property or domain of the nation like some other countries have done?
The dems do want to merge this country with a world government, don't they?

Maybe when he says he'll tap our reserves, he REALLY means he's going to tap OUR reserves!!
Or maybe by then, HIS reserves, huh?
Sorry Mc Cain--Sarah ain't gettin' my Hillary vote....
Nor my Hillary vote! But then I wasn't going to vote for Hilliary in the first place nor Obama either for that matter.
P.G...ur reply sounds dysfunctional....I never thought this moderate woman would say this but I think Sarah should stay home with her children....
Voting for Obama sounds dysfunctional!
I'll be voting for McCain!
Obama will be looking for a lot of money to do what he wants to do.
I'm sure he sees $$ signs on these gas plays just like he sees $$ signs with the Big Oil companies. Somehow I have a sneaky suspicion that is going to have some kind of a negative impact on us mineral owners!
do u want to go out back? grrr I didn't say I was voting for O
I just said ur reply was dysfunctional...I'm not voting for Sarrrah....
What do I think of that? I think you are one smart cookie.

yes we can!!!!
At least it's not Obama yet, huh?
He might take the landowners completely out of the equation!


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