Just some interesting math:

Assume, optimistically, that the Haynesville Shale is (more or less) 70 miles north to south, and 70 miles east to west (and given that there are 640 acres in a square mile):

Then the total acreage to be leased (if the Shale area were 100% leased) is just over 3 million acres (to be exact: 3,136,000 acres).

A couple of questions:
1. Does anyone have a sense as to how many acres each major player has leased?
2. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the actual dimensions (north to south) and (east to west)?

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John B, my "back of the envelope" estimate of the areal extent of the HS in Louisiana alone was 1,782,400 acres. This is subject to change based on Messenger Well results. I have been keeping a listing of the company acreage positions and the total for Texas and Louisiana together exceeds 1,700,000 acres.

Chk - 500,000
EnCana - 325,000
XTO - 100,000
Petrohawk - 150,000
EXCO - 108,000
My understanding is that CHK has leased upward of 650,000 acres and Petrohawk has leased around 300,000. I understand from a landman for Geomet here in Birmingham that CHK has stated that they want to move their originally stated goal of 500,000 acres to 1,000,000.

As long as these wells keep hitting at their current rate, every rabbitt hole that could potentially have gas under it will be investigated. There are not enough landman to handle current demand, I would estimate that more contracting of personell will be needed by the major players.

I can not speak to the dimensions of the play.


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