I'm wondering if you can sale your lease after you have leased it???

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We leased our property in Stonewall a couple of years ago, to Empressa, I think. It was the CV, Hosston & Glenrose formations which they combined afterwards. We received an offer from some company the buy our mineral rights after we had leased. Unfortunately, some of our neighbors sold. Not sure about selling a lease.
Once you have leased your mineral rights, the only thing you have left is your royalty interest (whatever royalty was stated in your lease, probably 20 to 25%). You no longer have the rights to the lease, so you cannot sell that. As noted, you can sale your royalty, but I would strongly advise against it, as the value of that royalty is totally unknown. Whatever you get for it, will probably be too much, unless there is absolutely no production from your land.


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