Anyone know of any lease offers in section 24, in Gloster, Louisiana (Desoto Parish)? Have the oil companies gone cold?

Thanks for any info you can provide

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I have a friend who lives in Gloster and he signed for $17,000 acre with 25% royalities but this was back in early August. It took three weeks for his draft to clear.
What township and range is Gloster in?
Yes, everyone has shut down. No more leasing in the near future. Anywhere!!!!
The leasing is slowed down but not stopped. The companies are cleaning up the scraps in areas they have the majority and are working on drilling and end of fiscal year house keeping. Now is the time to get educated, get organized and work on getting proper representation. Do not get in a hurry, the leasing will continue just not at the frenzied pace it has been.
Kassi, I am interested in the services of a consultant. Could you contact me at (318)925 6457 or (318)455 6458. Thank you. Dan Meyers sec. 31+15 t15n r14w


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