I would appreciate an answer to this...If you have leased your land ,when they do decide to drill, are you in a 640 unit with other sections or does your unit comprise of just your section..don't quite understand how all this works....we leased our land together with several others, but not all the same section....our land butts up to an entirely different section....Thanks

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Hello Ms. Ashley , There is a strict rule about being here for at least 10 days before you start pi$$ing everybody off on this site. You joined on Oct. 18th so you are still on probation.(LOL)
While I was late getting to this dialogue , it appears you have just peeved not only our resident Geologist, but one of our tenderhearted(sometimes vocal) attorneys, a couple of the profesional landmen that have spent many hours on this site and a couple of other longtimers that have gone out of their way to help.Those listed have forgotten more about this game than you and your brother will ever glean from Sonris, without a tutorial.If you are on the shale , they know were you are already and it doesnt make a big whoop about your s-t-r anyway due to the slowdown.Unless you live in an undiscovered cave somewhere.You and your brothers lack of trust for some of the people that have helped lay the groundwork for this site , certainly doesnt bode well for you and your questions.

You posted your question first to the O&G pros group. I personaly dont hang out over there so I hadnt seen your question before.I dont know the answer to your question either but with a little patience and kindness you would have been in a better position than you hold now. Since you and your brother have come to this vast wealth of knowledge on your own, maybe you should continue down that same path, or you could quit being so short and snappy with your comments about nobody knowing the answers.These people dont get paid to answer your questions on this site , quit trying to treat them like the hired help.These Pro's dont take well to that kinda treatment. Something about professional courtesy or something like that.

Either change your name and profile , or say that you are sorry. If not you may be avoided like the plague in the future.I know what I am talking about here so just trust me on it.Even if your brother tells you not to.(LOL) Good luck and have a nice day.
Ms. Ashley,
Well sweetie, whoever told you all that good stuff on me should have been able to answer you and your brothers questions for you.
Sorry that you feel the way you do, if you really are who you say you are.Theres one thing that they forgot to tell you about ole' "Sad Case Snake", he really doesnt give two rips what people he doesnt even know think about him.And some of those dont count.You really are a sad case yourself tho. This is the first time in shale history that I have ever come to the defense of a lawyer,landman and geologist all at the same time.(LOL)

P.S. Come back when you have been here more than a week or two and you may actually be able to offend me! Naaaahhhh ! You sound too nice and sweet to ever be able to offend me.
Jim Krow answered your questions. I guess you didn't understand his answer.
Did you ask your brother if you could continue your tirade ? How old are you sweetie ?
Reply by Ashlee 1 minute ago
Old enough to have a "fine a**."

Well that really puts things into perspective now doesn't it ?
No wonder your brother didn't want you coming on here and showing us your fine A$$ets.(LOL)

By the way, I have a "hottie" , dont need a sweetie. Has more class in her pinky toe then you apparently have in your whole body.
At least your brother loves you , I guess.
Good luck with that.
Snake, Jim, Earl, Gosh Darn, Jay, KB, Two Dogs and all the others trying to help this person: Don't take this stuff too seriously. Obviously someone likes playing games online. You all have handled yourselves impecably. The advice you all provide is why I have been reading and participating in this site. I thought I knew a lot about the biz before I got here and realize I had a basic understanding of this field. By the way Ashlee, most of what I have learned from this site has come from reading previous posts and discussions. You would do well to take this approach instead of writing antagonistic replies. Like one of the others said earlier, there are plenty of people here to fight w/ you and they will make you look silly in short order. So, if your lookin' for a spat, you're in the right place. If you're looking for good, sound advice concerning your property, you're also in the right place. The choice is yours. Have a good day and good luck with your property.

Snake, I'm still laughing from your replies though!!! LOL
KB, See?!? I'm still learning from this site! Can you expand on the lease basis concept? I've only been involved with drilling/ production units. Such as the one EXCO is in the process of establishing now for their Haynesville production. What are the advantages of leased wells as opposed to unitized or pooled wells? Who does this benefit the OG or LO's? How can an OG produce a well and only compensate the leased party? Thanks ahead of time for the education. Cannie
Thanks for your reply.. I am the original post, didn't mean for all this,just trying to understand it a little better..we signed a lease with a company, but I understood they were putting several properties in with it..that was the condition on leasing our acreage..I will just keep reading these post and maybe get educated better...you all do a great job!
Thanks Cannie. I thought about being a stand up comic once, but my feet hurt me too bad to stand for a long time so I decided to just sit around trying to be humorous instead.
Seriously tho , I have been in my share of scraps on here and for the most part they have been totally avoidable by me and should have been, I might add. Sometimes we can make decissions based on our feelings right at that exact moment or we can sit back and ponder for a while and use better judgment.For some reason I usually choose the first option.Probably because I am much funnier than I am intelligent.(LOL)

P.S. By the way Ms. Ashley, I am sorry for what I said and God Bless all the little starving pygmies down there in New Guinea. Amen
meet my brother daryl and this is my othe brother daryl
Only a distants from the well and section you live in. Example= If you live in section 00 and a well is drilled in 01 even if its just across the section line
your rights dose not cross the line.
Just my thoughts on this.
Jim maybe you can answer this: If a well is drilled on a lease basis , it becomes a wildcat and the landowner gets all royalties until unitized?


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