I just want to say at this time ... We have signed our lease and proceding forward... Petrohawk and Acadian Land Services were very pleasent to deal with... I feel they were more than fair and prompt to work with us and get this done in a timely fashion...They were flexible in dealing with us...and they were very helpful and informative anytime I had questions to ask... I would definitly recommend them if you are not currently working with someone at this time ... Just wanted to add this because these guys did a great job and needed to be complimented !!!

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Where is your property? Petrohawk told me they were interested but that it would be around 6 weeks to get a landman in touch with me. Your experience here might give me a reason to wait to hear from them, although I am planning to be in touch with Chesapeake soon, too.
We are in Elm Grove field ...in south bossier parish
Would you please post amount of bonus and royalties, if you are comfortable releasing that information. I have a small amout of property unleased in South Bossier. There have not been a lot of information coming out of this are. Also can you give general location. I have heard some are getting decent rates from property around Bistineau, but I have not heard any closer to town (other than original 200-250).
where are you located at m. ? just trying to see if they are heading to where am located and good luck God Bless
Do you have a contact with Acadian?


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