"Black Gold" on TRU Network at 10 PM Wednesday Night(s).

Does any one else watch this network program? You can pick up on a lot of terminology and see how the drilling process actually works. Pretty Good Stuff!!!!

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I have watched all of them so far, I enjoy it alot. This has come at a great time if nothing else just to see the process and learn the details on the producers side better. I have been watching the drilling in south Caddo and Bossier for some time now, and have wondered how long it would take them to make their money back after drilling a well, and baised on some of the numbers on the first two wells they brought in, I can see it won't take very long!!!
Seems like just a few days for some of these monsters if they didn't have to choke.
The competition on the show is

3 teams drill 3 wells each in a 50 day period around 12000 feet deep (per well).

That tells me that it takes about 20 days to drill a well (vertical). I would never have known that otherwise.

They use wood shavings to plug factures unwanted fractures so they do not lose water/drilling mud (that mud is expensive).

Pump in a Million gallons of water to fracture shale and then pump in sand to fill the cracks so the shale does not collapse on itself.

Again good stuff.
Har, the sand (propant) is in the water/gel during the fracture treatment. My first exposure to well fracturing were Crystal's Haynesville Sand wells in the Arkana Field (non-operator interest).
Thanks for clarification.
Been in the business along time, and at one time, it was just like the show goes, BUT---man have we come a long way--trowing a chain is a thing of the past. All that raising hell is long gone--
I watched it for 5 minutes one night and didn't even make 5 minutes the next time. That show sets the oilfield back 50 years and the intelligence level back even more. I know the owner of the Adobe Rigs and I can't believe he would allow his rigs to filmed like that. I had the Longhorn rig for over a year and nothing like that went on. I have not watched it again, I'd rather watch re-runs of a blank tv screen than that show. Not all those situations are an everyday occurrance, rigs don't normally race like that, and people don't scream, cuss and holler like that anymore. Crappy show altogather in my opinion.
I have been watching it and enjoy it for the most part, but like every other "reality" show out there, it is highly dramatized. It is all factual information , but the drama inserted for entertainment is a little annoying if you are familiar with how the different operations really work. On the last episode the narrator made the comment "...if they survive tripping the pipe out of the hole...". Tripping pipe is ceretainly a dangerous operaton, as are most operations in O&G, but that comment was a little much.
The episode with the frac job was very lacking, but i understand not wanting to burn up time meant for a show about drilling rigs explaining hydraulic fracturing.
I work offshore as a driller for a major land and offshore drilling corp. Was in a supervisor meeting this week in Lafayette and someone mentioned this show. It took 5 minutes for the laughing to stop! As the very short discussion of this show ensued it was brought to our attention that OSHA and the API were seriously considering taking action against this show for the blantant safety and operational blundering this show portrays. Sure this show is very entertaining and can give people not in the industry some great information and insight on the industry but trust me folks we just don't operate in this manner or we would all be door greeters at Wal-Mart (and no offense to anyone who is employed at Wal-Mart). The show is factual based but just filming us working would be too boring.
Knowing absolutely nothing about drilling the show is helpful to me. I thought the people were getting cut or smashing fingers, etc...., a good bit. I have been wondering how these guys don't loose an eye or worse.

I will keep it in mind that this is dramatized next viewing.
Any good crew can drill that depth in 14 days.
Just curious, has anyone heard anything about them making bids in Provencal? I had heard that a landowner there had them make an offer of $9000 + . Don't know many details except it is suppose to be the ones who has the Big Dawg rig on Black Gold. The one recieving the offer does work for the oil companies as a pipeline inspector so I don't see it as being a flat out lie. Just curious if anyone else has had any offer from them. Does anyone know the name of the company?


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