Current Offers recieved-How Much? By Whom? Where? POST THEM AND AREA SO WE CAN COMPARE

We need to start a database to compare offers which are running from $125. to a Claimed $30.000 an Acre. PLEASE, NO "I HEARD...."s!

There are over 400 landmen trying to cash in by leasing low .

Knowledge is power. Post your offers so we can compare and weed out the rumors and lies. Before we all get "force pooled" Lets try to keep it useful,HOW MUCH? BY WHOM? LOCATION OR AREA? Thanx!

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I lived in Chicago, but have land in Tenaha. I have not been contacted by anyone as of yet. Keep me posted.
Jay one
Ok all, we are wondering OFF Topic. Lets get back to JUST the FACTS. Latest offer ,where and which companies. Thanks all.
George what was the activity going on in NE Natchitoches Parish about 6 wks ago you are referring to?
Natch N3
$6000.00/25% Red River Land Service 04-19N-12W, Up from $400.00 and acre 75acres
Section 16, Township 16 North, Range 13 West, Caddo Parrish

$16,650/acre with 25% Three Year with Petrohawk 6/26/08
did you have anyone neg. your lease? fortress has neg. a lease with petro in the same township as yours for 19,000. acre 25% royalities. We live off of hwy 169 by the 4 way stop sign. I was told that the processing of the well will come out of your royalties.Have you checked out your lease for this clause?

Wher can we find this database? Can you post a link?
Bookmarked. This looks good.
Sarah, Seems you are also selling services, I am sure the posters here would br inyerested in helping you with your database and benefiting from it, but this post will be cold and will get lost in the clutter in a day or two, The avg you show is pretty accurate,so far, You should sponsor the site and get a link on the front page-IMHO.
This sounds very helpful. My thanks to the organizers.
Has anyone had any offers in section 32? If so how much? I know that they are scouting in this area. Several people have said that Petrohawk and Chesapeake are the ones so far offering but I haven't seen anything with any dollar amounts. Also does anyone have any contact numbers for any Oil and Gas companies that I could call myself to check on it? Thanks
Don't get your panties in a wad Desoto Dudette.
Arron, Desoto Dudette didn't mean to be a hater.
You do need township range and section when discussing specific areas. It'll be a long time before everyone learns that as the Haynesville keeps expanding. THANK YOU JESUS!
People are getting bonuses. THANK YOU JESUS!
We have to worry about what to do with the money.


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