does anyone have the latest map of the Bossier/Haynesville shale in Louisiana and East Texas?

Any maps present shale area

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Two very different maps that "overlap" each other are printed in today's (Sunday 6/22/08) Shreveport Times. One reference, anyway.

DrWAVeSport 6/22/08 p.m.
This is very interesting to me! We own land in Northern Bossier Parish and all I hear is there is that there is no shale present in this area. Do you mind saying, was your lease for the Haynesville Shale..?
The following links provide two companies views of the HS limit but both are too conservative regarding Natchitoches Parish.

Comstock Presentation - Page 16

El Paso Presentation - Page 91
I tried to find these maps on the Shreveport Times website. I live out of state. Is it possible for someone to scan and post these maps on this site.
see attached file. map is on page 11.


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