Will the parishes increase the property values? Will property tax rates go up now?

Will the parishes increase the property values? Will property tax rates go up now?

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After going up this year like they did, if they go up anymore they may have a Boston Tea party on their hands! Our Bossier tax assessor may be looking for other employment!!
Great discussion topic when you consider:
1) The property owner (one that pays the taxes) may not be the mineral owner that got all the money.
2) The great disparity from some that got $100 acre vs. $20,000+; how would they access the taxes.

Why would the "real" property value increase just because there are valuable minerals underneath?
I have wondered the same thing KB. The insurance companies rates your premium on how much risk is the isured property, just like life insurance is on ones life. I am afraid to ask my agent, because I do not want to give him any ideas. I guess one just has to sit and wait, and see how the cards fall on that one.
Yes it is KB! That will be just another thing I will have to cross my fingers on also. Before long I am going to have to resort to my toes!
Isn't the "mineral rights value" already being taxed by something called "income tax"?

If they tax us enough we won't have to worry about how much bonus or royalty we get.
The gov't never misses a chance to go up on our property taxes. I just got a HUGE increase in the mail from the Bossier Tax assessor. Must need money to pay for that Cyber Innovation Center that they are building. They do not understand the concept of a Budget and stopping wasteful spending.
The answer is YES,
'Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.'

Ronald Reagan
Sabine parish sent out a letter of increase and it was moderate ( $50.00 p/acre) I was pleasantly suprised !
Property taxes are assessed on market value of immovable property . I would imagine minerals would be considered a movable and wouldn't be subject to property taxes.
Land is either taxed at a percentage of market value (what like properties would retail for) or Use value (a percent of value of timber, agriculture, etc.). The land owner chooses which method gets used. There are 3 classes of timber, depending upon their growth and use. Millage rates are applied to a percentage of that value if that's what the owner has chosen as the method. I've never heard anything about minerals being taxed other than when they get sold.
KB, My property taxes have not been effected by the timber. I had it clear cut in 1994 and replanted and my taxes haven't changed since 1994, but about 10.00 a year.


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