Elm Grove area Chesapeake or Petrohawk which is most likely to produce?

Petrohawk is offering a lower sign up bonus than Chesapeake but I am worried they arent as likely to produce as Petrohawk.

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Tomatoe Tah-mah-to

Get the green, but make sure you have some super-awesome environmental/water clauses to protect your other goodies that are not up for grabs.

Whoever concedes to your needs and drills "on the green" side of things is your man.

Check out some of the forums in the Health, Safety, Environmental Issues and learn from the not so obvious mistakes of others as well the consequences, my friend.
I recommend you take the highest dollar offer (assuming other terms are same). The best thing going for you is not who leases you, but where your minerals are located...if they're in a good spot, you'll get drilled, soon enough, no matter who the operator is.
CHK and HK are both very active companies, but they are also businesses...once they have your lease, they will treat your acreage in their own best business interests. For example, CHK sold all of their acreage in the Woodford shale play to BP in July-08, because it was in their best business interest to do so...and I'll just bet that the sale included some very recent leases.
I'd probably take CHKs offer. Petrohawk's CEO mentioned in his conference Tuesday that offering prices are down 30% over the highs a couple of months ago. The BIG land grab is over by these companies, and they will be filling in smaller areas for probably less money going forward. The big players have more than they can handle now and really don't NEED any more. I'd take the most money I could get, pronto!

No, I'm not in the business - nor do I own any property. I do own stock in CHK and HK and for that reason keep up with the Haynesville play.
What's the verdict?

Door 1, 2, or 3.

I was just thinking about this, if you have a reasonable suspicion that one co. is going to develop faster than another, but offers the lower value for your stuf....try to get them to match or slightly better the offer and get the best of both worlds. Be upfront and honest about the situation as well as Clear about what you want in terms and $, conditions and limitations to their blah blah blah...

It never hurts to ask for exactly what you want....you just might get that!
Where is it written that CHK is completing a well every 5 days? Is that info correct? Don't really know my way around Sonris. Is it listed on that site under completions perhaps?
I don't think it matters. Both will produce

Chesapeake is the #1 producer of natural gas in North America

not true. They are the number one driller....big difference. Devon is larger.

On average, CHK spends more to find the gas it does. It does appear to be attempting to corner the market for tubular goods and drill rigs, scarfing up everyone it can find. That makes it difficult for others to compete cost wise.

Face it. CHK is the most hated company among its peers for the simple reason they are jerks. They mine the oil and gas hearing agendas and then jump into properties that are disputed. They undercut people. Once after hiring an outside landman to get leases, they also were dealing with the same people on a lease. They ended up outbidding themselves for the lease the contractor had already got a offer in front...ended up paying about double bidding against themselves!! What fools.

Someone complained apparently because CHK didn't drag in a drill rig the day after signing the lease. The lease terms are typically for 5 years. There is a reason. Especially now. Getting a rig takes time, and doing the geology, the seismic, the paperwork takes time. They are not going to waste another dime until they have the leases sewed up. With a mere 2000 drill rigs in the entire U. S. [largely due to scrapping 3000 rigs during the 80's and 90s due to low prices] there is limited ability to add new rigs to the fleet and without the rigs, the leases are worthless.


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