31 Operating we are owed suspense funds and have submitted all requested information, they are not calling back or sending check

Hi! Brittany Hill and I have been in correspondence since January 2020. She had received all necessary paper work needed to pay money in suspense. Then crickets. I have called Kris Freeman and Brittany Hill numerous times and emailed the customer relations folks. Still nothing.

I see you may have gotten a check in March 2020. Any input would be appreciated. I believe I need to send a Demand letter to them.

Thank you, Kent Coleman

214 906-1300

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Have you seen this other 31 Operating discussion?


Skip, Hello! Yes, I have seen several 31 Operating discussions. Looks like a couple folks were paid in March, 2020. 

It has been a mixed bag.

Any input would be appreciated. I know you are really great on this site.


The best bet is to contact Will Huguett with the Kean Miller firm in Shreveport. He is representing 31 Operating in a pending law suit concerning Sibley Field.
Mac McIntyre

Thank you Robert!


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