Last week Rick Rowe was in Mansfield and was told 17 new Rigs were coming to DeSoto Parish in the near future. Rick Rowe works for KTBS 3 Shreveport. Anyone heard of this?

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Heard today, for a fact.  Red River Parish port has been told that major shipments of rock for Encana is planned in the very near future.

Have you heard any news for New rigs coming to Red River Parish?

Or Sabine Parish ?   I'm getting ready to change my status to "not currently leased".  Several leases on Hwy 120 between Zwolle and Belmont (S13thru S15-8N-12W) have expired within the past couple of weeks with no activity to my knowledge.  Petrohawk (now BHP, I think) payed out a couple of million $ on lease bonuses and let them all expire.  What a waste of money !!

Nope.  Rock could be for sites or repair roads.  Rock is not a rumor, but did hear the rumor (along with the rock fact) that this had to do with search for liquids under the shale.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didnt most folks with Haynesville minerals sign leases with pugh clauses? If so, the minerals under the Haynesville are unleased. In order to explore for them leases would need to be executed. I have not heard any discussion or seen any significant leasing occurring.
It would be very nice if there were in fact a fleet of rigs about to descend upon us. That likely will nit happen again in our lifetimes.

Just a WAG but I'd say if rigs are coming back it will be for NGL's, possibly Cotton Valley.

(WAG=wild ass guess)

Under the shale is the Smackover lime and it is tight and sour and gas. Then under the Smackover is the salt and that does not produce oil or gas. If any of you deep under the shale oil people know of production of oil in this area please post the well or wells.

Fresh well pad just built in 15-15-24 just south of Stonewall-Preston Rd.  It is likely one of the Indigo Peacock CV bores.  I find it an odd placement 1/4 mile south of the section line? 

DeSoto needs to prepair a paving plan for the bottom below my house like they did after the Kelly well was drilled in S19.  Stonewall-Preston almost washed into Wallace Lake before the Parish put a new cap on the old road bed.

Just a SWAG but I'd say if the pad is on the south side of the road it will be Chesapeake drilling the Hunter #245504 which is permitted for 15N 15W sec 26 and possibly sharing the pad with Indigo drilling Hunter #244900 into the CV.

SWAG=super wild ass guess

I'll get off my butt and go look at the signs on the gate.  I was hoping an energetic neighbor would have answered that and saved the trouble.

Here's your sign.  The well below is south of the new pad.  The new one is just south of SP road and visible from there.  No other operator information on the gate for a second well inside.

Hey we just want those rigs to head to the Holly Field



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