Today I heard about this co. & that is was a cheap stock right now, but strong company. Has anyone on this board had any dealings with them? The person I heard the info from was someone very knowledgeable in the investment field, so I paid attention

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AXAS - I watch it some along with a few other Bakken small drillers.  I have no positions in AXAS currently, but would probably pick a small bit up or average in on a pull back. They have acreage in Eagle Ford as well.  With any of these small exploration co's, a lot can go right but a lot can go wrong as far as stock price.

In the Bakken, Kodiak (KOG) and Samson (SSN) have been more fruitful for me personally - but all are speculative investments.

I own a good amount of Abraxas stock.  Obviously, I'm hopeful.

You can go to their web site and hear the latest presentation by Bob Watson, CEO.  And, follow along with the printed material provided. They are aiming to become primarily a Bakken producer, and are going to attempt to sell some of their other assests (just recently announced).  Wallstreet really likes the Bakken. I think the stock will do well in the next 2-4 years. There's a message board on Yahoo Finance listing for Abraxas (AXAS). Much of it's jibberish and posts by people shorting the stock, but there's some good info as well.

Do the research and make your own decisions, of course.

Thanks for all the info. I bought it Thurs. & just needed a little confirmation I did the wise thing


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