Does anyone know anything about Aegis Energy Partners. We received a letter from them wanting to buy any or all mineral interests that we have in Red River Parish.

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I would NEVER sell mineral interests.
I would NEVER sell minerals interests I agree with you TC
Hi Harold-

Does Aegis say who they are? The principals in the company...? I'm very curious!

I am researching the company right now, but not much information other than the company's statement...


"Our investment activities target companies with demonstrable, predictable and sustainable cash flows from operations, reasonable financial leverage relative to cash flows and reasonable prospects to retire a portion of any indebtedness within 5 years. The investment owned by Aegis may require a regular interest payment or dividend and provide for sufficient warrants or common stock to increase Aegis’ ownership stake, under certain circumstances.

Aegis seeks to make investments in middle market companies to help them accelerate growth and create significant shareholder value. We seek to partner with strong management teams to develop and execute well-defined strategies for growth. We also look to help established companies with opportunities to improve their businesses through the effective use of technology.

Our private investment skills, such as improving operations and financial structuring, together with our growth equity investing skills, such as developing strategy and managing growth, uniquely position us to help increase shareholder value.

Whenever appropriate or possible, Aegis will invest in middle-market companies that interact, to varying degrees, with larger corporations’ strategic requirements."

Rozzy, I am pretty sure you have the wrong website. Aegis Energy Partners' website is



I just received the same letter for my mother (deceased 2007) from this company...

I hope everyone understands that if you sell your mineral interests that you are taking any and generally all money up front for any possible royalty payments in the future.  I liken these companies and people to sharks going after mullet.

Mineral interests that have very little value today maybe worth a fortune tomorrow. Personally I would not sell my mineral rights. Never, ever, ever............ But I would probably toy with these people and see what they thought my minerals were worth. That may come in handy if you wanted to transfer/donate mineral interests to family members.




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