Aethon - Byrd-Bly, Byrd-Baret, Byrd-Costeau - San Augustine County, Texas

Does anyone know anything about the completion of these wells. Aethon spud these wells back in September of last year and 8 months later we have not seen anything or heard anything about royalty payments or even received any Division Orders.

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No G-1 (IP) reports filed and no pending production reported so I'd say they haven't been completed yet.

Not the news you want to hear, but all that Aethon has done on these wells plus the other Hz permits in this same area (total of 13 wells) is to drill surface hole with small rig on about half of them. TD of surface casing around 2600-2700'.

All this work was done last year with the most recent activity in October 2020.

Wating on activity sometimes in the oil field is like watching water boil. Patience is the BIG virtue on things like this.

One has to not react to "spud" date on wells like since since operators now normally use 2-3 different rigs for different parts of any horizontal wellbore so as to save money.


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