Aethon Energy-Production Sharing Agreements and Longer Wells

Comment by Willis Bodine 11 hours ago

Has anyone else heard from Aethon lately about their plans to extend more horizontal wells on existing leases in San Augustine County?  I have received proposed Production Sharing Agreements for my three leases, and it all sounds very promising.

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Would you please move this discussion to the San Augustine Group? I apparently don't know how to open one inside the group anymore.



I started the discussion in San Augustine, Julie.  I think that the problem is related to which option for adding a discussion you use.  I scrolled to the bottom of the San Augustine main page and used that add a discussion option as opposed to the one at the top of the page.  You might want to delete this one and make an initial post in the new one.

Thanks. I did not see the one at the bottom of the page. We used to have options in the upper right corner but the only thing I see there now is a button to +Invite people to the group. Then off to the right is a bigger button for +Add A Discussion which puts it on the main page. That could be a reason (being at the bottom of the page) that there are no new discussions added to these groups.

Sorry to inform you, I just looked at the bottom of the main San Augustine Group page and there is no place to start a new discussion. No "OPTIONS" button anywhere, that I can see. Keith did put an OPTIONS button on my XTO discussion so I could edit it but I used to be able to edit any discussion I started. That is no longer the case. I can't even start a discussion except on the main page, it seems.

Message him.  That needs to be fixed.

Keep us informed on Aethon's activity.  Texas RRC reflects 2 wells permitted in San Augustine County (both Cook).  Aethon seems active in Louisiana Bossier / Haynesville plus or minus 3 rigs operating and Wyoming with a rig.


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