Has anyone had payments decrease since Aethon bought their interest?  I started out with Cheasaepke then PXP and QEP and all their payments were within one or two cents of the market price on the NYMEX, since Aethon has started paying their price is from 15% to 38% lower than those prices. The wells are in Bienville parish.  The price I was paid in May was $1.25 and in April was $1.06.

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This is the third post that you have placed on the main page. You need to follow Skip's instructions and place your post in the Bienville Parish group page. If you keep posting on the main page you will push all other posts to the bottom and eventually off the main page. There is never many posts or answers to posts done on weekends.

I thought that's what I had done. Will try again later.

david, now that you have joined the Bienville Parish Group, use the link below to post your discussion.



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