Any leasing activity for NW Natchitoches Parish, La. during July thru Sept 2018 ??

Any leasing going on for this portion of the parish ?  If so, what lease amounts GENERALLY are being paid per acre.

The Natchitoches Parish Courthouse Clerk of Court's office has been busy recently (past few weeks) with researchers in the oil & gas records division.  Thanks in advance for any information you may have.  :)

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A more exact location would be helpful in regard to informed responses.  There is a shallow Paluxy oil play in Township 10 North, Range 10 West which is a mile or two east and west of Ajax and a little south from there.   Just north and west of there, Indigo Minerals has taken some leases which may be Haynesville Shale related but then again that is barely in Natchitoches, mostly across the parish line in DeSoto or Sabine.

Thank you.

Are you aware of any leasing in 9-10?

Not that I am aware of, Thomas.  I believe there may have been some preliminary discussions some months back that did not result in a lease offer by Indigo.  It appears that Indigo wishes to at least start a little further north and west.  If they are successful there, the odds get better for 9N - 10W.  As far as I can tell, 9N-10W is the very edge of the Haynesville Shale along the slope of Natchitoches Island.  The real interest here may actually be associated with the Mid-Bossier instead of the Haynesville.  Since it is more shallow, the economic rock could extend further south than the Haynesville does.

Indigo has leased sections 6,7 and 18 of 9-10. And now several in 10-10. They also are permitting 5 wells around I-49 near Ajax.

Was the 14-10-10 Indigo or Red River who is leasing for Indigo?


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