Has anyone been contacted lately about leasing in Sabine Parish, especially any in 7N R11W?  If so, how much are they offering per acre and how much royalty?

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    I have received two notices of requests for alternative wells in T9N.

    One is for two cross unit horizontal wells, Sections 19 and 30 of T 9N, R12W, by Indigo Minerals.  


    The other is for 11 alternate wells for Section 13, of T9N R12W, by Comstock Oil and Gas. 

  Not new lease offers, but between my notices and Steve P's, the activity in T9N 12W does seem to be picking up.

  Skip, the plat for section 13, shows the wells being drilled in pairs, one well bearing the notation 'HV' and the other well showing 'BS'.  My guess is that these designate the field/play to be drained.

   Any observations on the rock quality in Section 13?  


The formations.  HV = Haynesville, BS = Bossier Shale.  The state doesn't allow 11 "HV" wells in the normal size ~640 acre unit.  8 would be the max but down in your neck of the woods 6 HV are the current norm.  Of course you have to account for any existing wells.  So 5 new HV wells, to go with 1 existing HV unit well, and 6 BS to make a total of 12, 6 and 6 and your done.  That should drain the recoverable gas in your unit.  There is always the possibility of operator requests for "down spacing" in the future although that is uncertain and possibly re-fracs depending on how these wells do.  If they have successful completions and drain the rock as intended there will be very little left to make a re-frac economic.



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