anyone care to discuss highest bid they have for minerals 2018

what is the highest amount you have been offered per acre in Desoto(that is parish that has had highest offers from what I can tell)? So far from the offers I have actually seen with my own eyes I have seen $7700 per acre and that was on a 25% lease in Desoto with 1 Haynesville well and 4 more wells that were applied to be drilled but NOT permitted. That was for a 7 ac. parcel in north Desoto. (My elderly friend in Desoto sec. 19 of 15/14 still insists he was offered $19000 an ac. for his minerals in early 2017. I have not seen the paperwork but I have no reason to doubt him. That person has 5 wells paying. I told him I want to see who made the offer and he is looking for the letter to prove to me it was true).

 I know others in outlying parishes who have sold $3000 an ac. I know a big factor is if the operator on section on top and bottom section is same as operator in middle. That seems to have a huge impact if someone will bid minerals. . Desoto has seen the highest price per acre (based on my PERSONAL experience)from people I know . I have friends in south Caddo and parts of Red River who can't even get an offer for minerals. . Anyone can to share info WITHOUT ANYONE'S NAMES. Even a general description like Township Range and Parish is fine

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Thanks so much, there is no hurry on this end at all.  We own some land in Bienville Parish (near Castor) as well but nothing seems to be happening down there at all.

Good.  There is no Haynesville Shale as far east as Castor.  In the meantime you can learn how to look up alternate well applications on the state O&G database.  That is an easy way to keep up with future wells in your section and township.



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