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I can open, however McAfee Total Protection Pro is still stating that your site has "Invalid Credentials"

Keith - Seems okay now, I cleared all of my Cache and removed my McAfee and then reloaded... still came up with same error, however after 1st bypass of "Invalid Credentials" the Site opens without any issue.

So, there are images used in the site that aren't "https" but simply http. I've hunted down al the obvious ones and have changed them. Still trying to locate the source.

Thanks for the update

From tech help

- Clear cache and cookies. The connection to your site appear fully secure.

- The problem with the reply button may also be a result of the cache

If anybody is able to do this and notices a change please let me know.

I have problems using mobile device iphone8
constantly logs you out, can’t read new messages
when clicking from link in email.
Load previous replies also not working on mobile

The links to new discussions replies that I get on my phone, Samsung 7, are non- functional.  I usually have my laptop when I'm traveling so I just stopped trying to access the website from my phone using the email links.


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