Hey all,

I am looking for recommendations for a local attorney to handle a land transfer (inherited property, not a sale). My husband and I are just trying to make sure such transfer is handled properly since mineral rights are involved. We would prefer a local (to the Shreveport area) recommendation to a google search.

Thank you!

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Need to know where local is?

Oh sorry I guess that would help =)

This is in the Shreveport area.

Thank you.

Randy Davidson, Davidson Summers APLC, downtown Shreveport.

Thank you very much!

You're welcome.  Randy is my O&G attorney and I would trust any of the attorneys in his firm with the legal assistance you need.  Good luck.

Yes, had commendable luck with Drew Martin (Andrew Martin) who is with Randall Davidson as Skip recommends.  He handled gas leases earlier this year, I was very pleased.  Another relative went with another firm and charged three and a half times more than Drew Martin for basically the same transactions.  


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