AC activity map for those interested.

Existing AC fields are in red.

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Great Map, Thanks for Posting
Thanks RP, I've been waiting for map as this one to appear.. My interest is in Evangeline parish , T3S R1E and T4S R1E. We are located bw 2 large fields that hv been in production for years...both fields are Wilcox plays . Hoping we get some shale play eventually...
West of Ville Platte Field? Have you been approached by anyone?
RP, very instructive.  Do you have or know of a similar map extending East in PC parish.  Thanks
As a matter of fact I do. Check out the following thread.
Tuscaloosa Marine shale/ TMS leasing activity.

Thanks, RP.

Can you provide the original link which shows full AC Trend Activity Map.  The link in the 1st thread seems to be a partial map, stopping at the LaCour Field.

Each map AC & TMS are one in the same. Put both maps together and u see most of central LA trend.

Ditto, not far enough to the east for me either.

No one has contacted us RP... Yes we are due west of ville platte field and bordering Pine Prairie field , much hotter play at moment with Midstate Petroleum... We have 6000+ acres bw those 2 fields with 3000 of those acres as lake ( millers lake). Water for fracking processes would be no problem as we gravity flow water to all farmland south of the lake.. All acreage is Privately Owned in my family. Feel we hv unique opportunity for some O+G company willing to explore large tract!!!! Hunt oil drilled on our place in 1957, reports were , hydrocarbons present but not enough to produce.. Well abandoned. Seismic work done in 1982 , 2 sites identified in lake as areas of interest ... Oil boom went bad and company never returned to drill those sites....

Yuma has permitted a well in Vernon parish, Austin chalk

Way to go Yuma.


Did you see where APC let one of their permits expire last week? They have another permit coming due in March.

They still have their acreage for sale. They are now offering to parcel it out in 10,000 acre blocks. Interesting.



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