Austin Chalk in Louisiana: including Avoyelles, Rapides, Pointe Coupee, Florida Parishes, East Baton Rouge, Vernon

Horizontal drilling, improved seismic testing,  and liner casing are offering new hope for the deep minerals in parts of the Austin Chalk which runs from near Austin, Texas through the middle of Louisiana to Biloxi Mississippi. 

In 1995, the USGS determined that the Austin Chalk is one of our Nation's largest, onshore domestic unconventional, continuous-type oil resource. More recently, exploration and production in frontier areas of Texas and Louisiana have shown that the Austin Chalk has additional potential as a continuous-type deep-gas resource mostly to the east and downdip of existing oil plays.

Over a decade later, now leasing and drilling activity is picking up in certain parishes of Central Louisiana following improved technologies.

Austin chalk runs from above New Orleans to Pointe Coupee, Avoyelles Rapides and Vernon Parishes

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preston, you are posting in a five year old discussion.  By doing so, only those members in this discussion will get a notice of your reply.  Heck half the members in this old discussion have not participated in any discussions in many months (years?).

Go to the Austin Chalk or Avoyelles Parish group pages.  Start a new discussion with your question.  This will result in every member of that group getting an email notice of your new discussion.

thank you skip!  great to see you again!   i'm near mcnutt and kinda excited!

Thanks Skip

You're welcome, preston.

Does anyone know if there is new leases in Vernon Parish coming up?

Try the Vernon Parish Group page.  Use this link:

Did I overlook the posting of these two wells last Friday? I just found them in Sonris today.
Rapides Parish, serial number 251311, Crowell LM 30, Southwind Oil and Gas,01South, 01West, section 30, masters creek, 16005 measured depth
West Feliciana, Number 251314,AustC RA SUA;Hebert, Conoco Phillips, 02South, 01 West, Section 42, Jackson, Northwest Field, 22000 measured depth


The Rapides/Crowell — the access road and the location, for the most part, is built/complete.  Hand painted sign at the entrance “HP 507”.  We may see a rig soon.

Rig is on site. 


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