Is there anyone familiar with BP Production Co. or know anything about if there is any production going on in San Augustine, Texas in the past year Is anyone familiar with Mr Bailey Fender himself or TED W.WALTERS & ASSOCIATES,LLC?

I had a signed lease for my part of the E.A.Wise. Survey in San Augustine. County Texas last May 2019 We all got out sign on bonus checks back then

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BP is not drilling in San Augustine Co. at the moment due to the price of NG. All of their completed wells are well to the north of this survey.

What we are trying to find outis, has there ever been any drilling or production at all from the very beginning since May of 1999 of last year when we signed our paper for all of this and received our swign on bonus. We have not heard one word or anything at all from this after we were told by the lady that was doing the paper work of our family and she ask me to meet up with here as I did. Our long discussion ,in private she was telling me how very very wealthy that my great grandfather was and how we were really in for a lot of money in the next few months to come, she became a friend at one point and just really talked and gave me information that she wasn't ordinary suppose to I would say, she kept in touch for a while, and then her phone number and contact information changed and we hadn't heard a word and can;t find her now. Just trying to find out what is going on here.She showed me a death certificate of someone supposing a cousin to my mother, and she left it with me,. for what reason I haven't a clue but found it strange when I didn't know them.


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