I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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No - not a re frac operation / no rig needed for that.

Thinking some sort of downhole mechanical issues. Split casing. Tubing or casing collapse. Something catastrophic that they are trying to correct

I don't know, maybe they are trying to fix whatever the reason is that we haven't seen any production out of the B1.

Latest Update on Keydets:  The rig is down (still on location, but parked). Don't know when it was taken down because I haven't been back since Thanksgiving. Now there is a coil tubing unit working. I snapped a few pics as I rode by. Sure would like to know what was wrong with this well that has caused them to spend so much time on it.

Thanks for reporting on this. Good news is that rig work is done (apparent part 1) to allow for coiled tubing effort (part 2) to commence.

Hard to determine what is doing on downhole and what they are trying to correct. Casing collapse? Hole fill with frac sand? Open to any and all suggestions from readers who are more cognizant of these types of operations.

What is obvious is that the operator is ready and willing to spend a lot of $$$ to get this well back to sales! So they must think that whatever problem there is downhole is correctable!

     Not only correctable, but worth it. Makes me feel better about my decision to hold on to these minerals. 

I'm sure if I read it real slow I could find where they could whittle it down, but the last offer for my minerals was nigh on $90K for my piddling 0.00160356 interest interest in this plat.

Latest on Keydets (as of 30Dec) - Coil tubing unit is gone but the workover rig is back on the well.  They were working on it for the few days I was there.

Thanks for that update. Despite all the workover costs, operator must still think there is a viable chance to get this well back on production.

Engineers here are earning their keep!

Still think that there is some down hole "constriction" they are trying to work through. Collapsed section of casing or something similar.

Or I could be way off on my ideas.

Sure seems like a lot of work on this thing.  A shame we couldn't have made a bit of money on these high prices before they did this.

Workover rig is still on Keydets.  They were working yesterday afternoon (16-Jan), pulling pipe out of the hole.

Thanks for update from the Field

How long has this work been going on? Since first notice of rig / activity on location?


I believe work started in October. 

Nope! I just checked the RRC website and September actually saw reduced production with zero production in October.

Keydets Status 23Jan2022 - Workover rig is down. Still on location but laid down.  The large BOP stack was still on the well as well as another piping stack installed on top of it.  It had hard-pipe attached to it on either side. Not sure what it was attached to on the ground.  I apologize for not having more info on this.  From our property line, that was all I could see that was going on. I wasn't able to get ahold of the property owner to get permission to get a closer look. At the rate that this has been going on, it will still be there when I go up there next time.


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